How to get featured in Fortune: The quintessential SEO strategy

  Written by Angel Mora

How to get featured in fortune

Once we’ve tackled how to create a communication plan and generate quality content to increase reputation levels I have received many questions about what are the factors that must be taken into account to get a link on influential sites, specifically Fortune since the media outlet has turned into an infallible catapult towards the success of many companies.

That made me want to expand a little more on the topic of link building and generating links to our websites because it is not easy to convince others to talk about a brand, and journalists are a very particular kind of third-party communicators to deal with.

For this reason today I bring my top list of recommendations on how to get a link on Fortune by following WebMaster clauses and also help you reach the top of the ranks in the market.

Next, we are going to talk about organic profiles, new takes on success strategies, and how to make sure that the SEO efforts are continuously reflected in traffic. With that said, let’s get started!

Breaking-News your way to the top

The mention on the press alone can (and will) have a diverse effect depending on the nature of the story you, as a brand leader, are willing to share.

In case you didn’t know, the influence backlinks hold has an authority score of your domain is closely, and it’s closely related to 2 fundamental principles:

  • The level of traffic met by the backlinks that your website generates.
  • The user experience provided during the consumer funnel from the external link to your main page.

On the other hand, incurring in algorithmic faults without knowing it is quite common these days, especially for new entrepreneurs and marketers in the making. Therefore, to earn better positioning in the overall search results and convince a site like Fortune on taking a look at your brand, there needs to not only create enough backlinks but to understand the intricacies of the proper way to build them.

How to get featured in fortune


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What you need to know about Fortune

More than 60 years ago since the launch of its “Fortune 500” list, the communication giant has maintained a prestigious profile, opening up the digital scope with a rather interesting approach that has served as a pioneer for different industries in America.

If we review your web traffic score, we will notice that one of your big bets has been for SEO strategy and the diversification of your topics.

Therefore, there are 3 things to keep in mind when formulating a media plan that considers Fortune as its exhibition platform goal:

  • Quality: It is a portal with a very low rejection ratio (it has more than 15 million visitors daily), so the communication profile it has assumed will be one of authority to pass the filters of journalists and editors.
  • Scope: Because the portal is aimed at a target audience made up mostly of experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs, the focus of sales leads that obtaining a link in Fortune contributes must be compensated with coordinated publication activities in your Owned Media from a niche leader perspective.
  • Access: Additionally, it has a communication channel and a promising number of publications for the new voices it takes, so it presents a greater guarantee of added value and an open stance that accelerates the process compared to other portals.

How Google Penguin rules SEO

As I previously suggested, the operation of search engines is based on the classification of domains through multiple quality indicators which for security reasons are not explicitly revealed to users.

Fortunately, professionals have dedicated themselves to analyzing positioning dynamics to find the most effective tactics; That’s why backlinks have become so popular and relevant to SEO strategist and companies.

On the other hand, Fortune’s proposal is based on providing its audience with informative and curated content taking into account the positioning rules, since its business model focuses on clicks benefiting its sponsors.

This is the great advantage of having a wide variety of external links and presenting yourself to journalists as a news source, because you can afford to skip the protocols (pay for coverage, a banner or ad) and boost your sales without spending a penny.

According to SWEOR, at least 77% of entrepreneurs attribute online presence with bad to little engaging the later poor sales performance.

As a result, there are numerous approaches for getting other websites to target yours, but ever since the Penguin evaluation system came out 3 years ago, every one of them must comply with one overriding law: links have to be organic.

What exactly is an organic link?

A link is supposed to meet evaluation standards when it proves to be of value to end-users. From Google’s perspective, anyone with an online presence who wants to use a backlink in favor of their domain must ensure that both ends provide useful content to those who find it.

That’s why you see Fortune citing expert opinion as well as reference material. However, your result doesn’t rely on using content recklessly. Instead, a backlink that points to the online spaces of your brand should match 3 basic characteristics:

  • Association: The content must be related to your sector, which means that it uses the same keywords or derivations present within your Owned Media.
  • Length: The texts considered “of quality” usually exceed the length of 800 and 1000 words, that being the average used to develop themes and complete concepts (just like a news portal would do)
  • Comprehension: The material must be written correctly, having a natural tone and progression. This section was included because many marketers started using SEO-driven formats out of context without worrying about providing real value.

When we take the time to interpret these 3 parameters, it is easy to deduce why applying strategies that aren’t supported on one major plan can lead to misinterpretations.

For example, very often entrepreneurs turn to sponsored content or creating their referral pages themselves, while at the same time they simply repeat inconsistent terms and structures without perceiving any results (or getting only negative ones). 

Hence, it is extremely important to get a link only on the best websites for your brand; Which brings us to the next point.

Internal SEO value for external purposes

The expert media outlets and blogs represent an excellent opportunity to consider when we talk about SEO and e-commerce.

As a contrast, You can see how a brand manages to link commercial awareness and win a complex report in Fortune.

How to get featured in fortune

As I suggested at the beginning of the article, by definition, press spaces like Fortune subsist on publishing consistent, extensive, and valuable information meant for a massive audience that consumes it regularly, and as a consequence, the personnel is constantly improving their positioning and following Penguin’s guidelines.

From its version 4.0, the Webmaster guidelines violation detection system complies as a previous step to manual penalty actions carried out by Google workers.

Also, in addition to the guidelines we’ve covered so far, receiving a mention or shoutout from one of Fortune’s journalist specialized in topics within your industry, contributes a series of added perks such as access to the appropriate pages and the possibility of collaboration (I’ll dab deeper into this later).

That’s because expert sites like this one are usually divided by themes and sections, so an anchor text there automatically influences your online presence and pushes users into becoming buyers or part of a new community. 

Meanwhile, reaching out to them can help you establish contacts for future features.

What the ideal backlinking strategy looks like

You must be clear that to naturally get a link Fortune and direct users to your brand’s site without having to actually invest financially in it is, in fact, an arduous task. But trust me, the result is worth it. Ultimately, backlinking helps you shape the profile of your business for the target audience.

Regarding this subject, in previous publications, I have commented before on how it is possible to submit a request for a guest post or an interview as well as a review about your brand to conquer said link.

However, depending on the contact you accomplish alongside the details given, you will accumulate better or worse links. To guarantee the highest quality and attention from journalists, I recommend you choose only those candidates that fit the brand’s identity.

 These links can be created using 3 simple methods:

  1. Establishing multi-benefit “programs”

This is nothing more than building a communication bridge between your website and one of Fortune’s collaborators. The purpose is to link both sites periodically to help each other earn a greater visibility rate.

It should be noted that if you are just starting to improve your SEO strategy, try to convince these “original influencers” holding small-to-moderate popularity (where it is convenient for them to backlink); Whether it is a complimentary service or want to get a new niche.

Don’t be intimidated, there is no single content creator profile contributing to Fortune. Make an analysis of the most recent publications of the section that best suits the brand and from there you will find the right people.

But, keep in mind that its level of effectiveness doesn’t revolve around the idea of tricking Google into assuming it is a spontaneous link. The content created must convey honesty, transparency and (once again) benefit for users, therefore withdraw from saturating a single domain, make a list and reach out to each owner.

  1. Engaging your brand with a charitable cause

Don’t worry, it doesn’t require making donations unless you want to. You can collaborate with philanthropic organizations helping communities affected by a problem your offer solves. 

Do it by generating content or mentioning activists and institutions within your own articles. They will recognize your work. Like this article made by Aric Jenkins featuring Bob Chapek (Chief executive of Disney):

How to get featured in fortune

  1. Engage your brand in an impactful story

Although it is true you won’t be getting the same attention Disney receives every time their executives send a press release, there’s a great way to contact journalists and other communicators.

Instead of just waiting for a lucky break for them to notice your positioning efforts or read a press release, save them work, and present a full news article where your company is naturally involved.

That works like this: 

Behind your product or service, there is a utility value (a sector of society receiving an answer to its demands) within an ecosystem that isn’t supplying it. You can talk about a particular problem and provide a deep analysis of the subject, extrapolating it to an international scope.

In that event, you are meant to grant a quotable source that can be utilized by the press. To further its effects, make use of social media and get involved in their frequent conversation to draw their attention.

  • Extra: The information used can be applied to a visual element, such as infographics. As many of us use multimedia material from other sources to add value, you can take on this role by creating definitive guides within your texts synthesized later in the infographics.

The fate of backlinks

We have already explored the practices to get a link on Fortune, but one commonly overlooked detail is the page that will be indexed in the anchor text.

It is not the same to boost the visibility level of a blog if what you intend to is pushing your sales section or subscription to newsletters. Assuming yours is a small business, take the time to position-specific keywords to make yourself more recognizable in searches. Of course, these must be evenly distributed among the different pages available to give a much more natural appearance.

Tracking strategy

Once you’ve carried out an effective communication plan and the earned desired feature, that information is registered and creates a completely new dynamic around your main page.

But it is not enough for that to happen; you have to identify the origin of such links and prioritize whatever strategy accomplishing that positive result. On the other hand, you should make the effort to discharge toxic links (Negative SEO) and follow the performance of the competition.

Be aware the majority of links you will obtain on your SEO journey towards Fortune are going to be classified as spam or low quality. And with the passage of time and Web restructuring, broken links (404 errors) also happen a lot.

Consequently, there are, indeed, well-defined processes to obtain this data and organize it for your convenience. Of course, you can use Google Analytics; however, this is designed to work in other areas of your positioning.

Instead, I  recommend 5 considered essential for many SEO experts:

  1. SE Ranking: This is a very intuitive search resource used to locate backlinks and track content per domain.
  2. Backlink Seo Tool: It is meant for finding pages involved in your niche by tracking a list of keywords you provide.
  3. Rapid Search Metrics: With its free version the tool provides indicators of the type of web that has placed a backlink to yours.
  4. Google Webmasters Tools: This tool is quite convenient because it gets the support of the technology giant to trace and notify about mentions in real-time.

Woorank: A non-exclusively-backlinking tool, this allows you to give a closer look at your SEO strategies with a dedicated link counter section


I hope you have found in today’s article several ideas to get a link on Fortunes pointing to your website that you haven’t considered before.

But, keep in mind that we have only analyzed some basic methods that can help you in the first stages of positioning tasks. Ultimately your SEO priorities are two:

  • To gain traction by users.
  • Earn Google’s algorithm rating.
  • Create an authority profile that will legitimize your request on Fortune.

On the other hand, as a general rule, the more accessible it is to get a link, the less valuable it will be, so be careful with falling into beginner mistakes. Because if there is something that the portal has been characterized under the mandate of Andy Serwer it is because of the high standards of its features.

It’s very easy for many brand leaders to use black hat backlinking techniques or straight buy them because it represents a seemingly quick growth.

But the only true solution for achieving long-term goals is to develop a natural strategy, which prioritizes value over quantity. This involves having a lot of patience, researching, and distribution.

I’d like to make an open call to reading the rest of my articles in which I share practical guides on publicity, marketing, and PR strategies from which to extract important information to make the most of the resources available.

Do you want to save yourself the effort?

In case you hold any doubts and are really interested in getting on Fortune quickly, you can turn to our professional guidance. In Media Coverage, we count on the ideal team to help you create quality content and send it directly to our network of journalists who will take them to the reputable sites of your choice.

Check out our Pricing section and let us know in the comments what you think about the media plans we offer.

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