How to get featured in Entrepreneur and push your domain authority

  Written by Angel Mora

How to get featured in entrepreneur

Appealing to the organic ranking algorithm is quite a complex task for those who are just starting their digital business. Placing at the top of the SERPs, creating a loyal community, increasing sales rates, all this depends on reaching a single goal: to get a link on as many external pages as you can.

However, today’s trends point beyond pushing your domain authority regardless of a goal but to get the approval of the popular news media.

That’s why today I have brought Media Coverage’s 5 tips that explain how to shape a solid link building strategy and take your brand to Entrepreneur’s website – as one of the top 10 news magazines in the digital format. 

Entrepreneur and the state of news

In the midst of a global pandemic, protests, election year, and consumption spikes, one of the most powerful indicators is user behavior, where the data flow (reviews, comments, and press reports) is everything. 

Gone are the times when SEO progress could be sustained only by a solid compendium of keywords and regular posting, while link building and media exposure functioned solely as an “extra” feature for big brands.

Unsurprisingly due to this climate, editorial news websites stand out victorious pushing the barrier over the 600 million visitors according to recent studies. 

How to get featured in entrepreneur

These numbers have brought in three particular conditions:

  • Users with true potential to turn a visit into a sale, lead, or subscription mostly just revolve around pages that already have authority. At the same time –
  • Google’s parameters have become much stricter so that only a few can conquer the top ranks (being that 85% of web traffic is generated in search engines).
  • Over the past 4 years, Entrepreneur has been at its highest point of popularity among news websites opening the door for a large number of rising businesses to gain visibility.

So, how can you take this concept and bring it to the next level earning a link on a site like Entrepreneur? By looking first at the internal state of your platforms.

If you’re intending to hold a robust online presence as e-commerce or startup positioning your brand on the Internet, you first must have a decent amount of organic links to sites with a high level of traffic and reputation within your target audience. 

At the same time, this will create a pathway for your pitch or press release to gain the attention of Entrepreneur.


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  1. An impeccable fingerprint

To keep concepts clear, let’s understand that link building possesses two main characteristics:

  • Getting links from third-party websites to your pages (i.e., home, sections, specific posts, images, etc.).
  • Accumulating links from your own external platforms – this if besides the brand’s website there are also pages for additional corporate divisions.

Said activity alone represents a great benefit for your company as it set records that help your online space’s classification and also makes it more visible by giving users an Entrepreneur’s journalists greater accessibility to the solutions you offer. 

When we add to this equation receiving mentions from specialized media or portals of influence, the effectivity rates grow exponentially, as it is stated by this article.

However, it is not possible to perceive external references without being able to manage a successful internal OnPage backlinks profile, or if, on the contrary, your website and public profile are not relevant (at least for a particular niche). 

To make it more clear, what you’re looking for is for the opportunity to be part of a headline like this:

How to get featured in entrepreneur

In this headline, Tracy Stapp Herold (one of Entrepreneur’s contributors) collected her top of gastronomic chains based on 3 things: a personal perspective, online presence, and interest of users.  And you can apply that principle to your reality.

Over 70% of Entrepreneur’s traffic comes from Web search, and that it gets at least 14.7 million visits daily.

How to get featured in entrepreneur

  • According to Safari, 82% of marketers and brand leaders claim that their business grew from applying SEO policies in all of their communication channels.

Hence, you must evaluate the level of browsing alongside the overall consumption experience the website is currently providing.

If you already count on a few backlinks (For example, links directing to an online store or Facebook group within the “Contacts” section on the homepage), inevitably some of these haven’t been done correctly. There are 2 major causes for this: directing errors and poor quality

-When the anchor text redirects to an error page:

Unidentified administration failures are very common for new domains – especially for websites with many sections in them.

Such complications harm your chances of growth. To avoid this, take the time to look for them using our automated Backlink Checker.

All you need is to enter the hyperlink in the search box; then you will observe a count of the Dofollow (functional) and Nofollow (additional) links with which you can begin to discard all the weak links. Mind that both are necessary when it comes to SEO.

-When the landing page contains mediocre material:

The Google algorithm prioritizes those domains that provide real value to the end-user. When you have only provided descriptive content about your offer, these evaluation algorithms automatically give your page a “low quality” rating.

As a consequence, they will go to the bottom of search engine recommendations, which will prevent your content from being used as a reference in someone else’s.

How can you fix it? By designing content meant for SEO. To do this, you should take a look at the tactics that are running in the industry.

2. Analysis and appliance

No matter how new in the game your startup is, there is an endless parade of offers similar to yours with variant degrees of success backing them up (lots of them featured on Entrepreneur’s website).

That means they’ve earned the trust of part of your target audience while receiving referral traffic from authoritative resources you should take into account.

Post-haste, what you’re going to do is create a list of relevant competitors and characters found in your niche, analyze the advantages and limitations of their link building strategy, and get inspired by them to come up with your own ideas to get a link on expert domains.

For greater control, we will divide the evaluation profiles into several stages.

  • In the first instance, you’re interested in identifying the amount of brand anchor text (the name of the company), URL, as well as the set of keywords employed in the pages of the competition.
  • Second, are landing pages as well as the percentage of domain use cases pinned to their backlinks.
  • The third priority is standards. There are different classes of links in directories such as forums and profiles. The idea is to obtain a representative global percentage to then pin it down.
  • The fifth and last are replicable. Understand the hand-operated links which are those that were produced without collaboration, such as comments or reviews and alternate communities.

Once you’ve collected this data you can start applying it to the page design and formats. Which brings us to the next point…

3. Brand value

As I already suggested at the beginning of this article, in addition to formating and components, creating quality content (further information independent of the offer), one that is interesting and provides a real solution for a specific population is part of the key methods in strengthening a digital presence.

However, even if you have only been managing a digital profile for a short time, you’ve probably already had some problem with setting what type of content to release. There is a plenitude of themes so trying to come off as an “innovative” brand in a sphere where everything has been talked about is quite a tricky subject.

But let’s keep one thing very clear: Being innovative is not the same as discovering a brand-new theme.

Now that we’ve released yourself from that pressure, let’s recap a bit. Besides providing powerful resources or takes on common demands within your industry with the sole purpose of increasing traffic, you want the brand to be considered by the Entrepreneur’s staff or its collaborative network.

Accordingly, plan this information as a benchmark in the business, to be used as quotes, rankings, or interview supply. That said, although by this point you’ll contribute to some extent to the main goal, the vast majority of these links will not just magically appear one day, neither the feature. Ergo, make sure to get a link on natural terms.

4. Establish contact

We have already concluded on the importance of standing out in the fields of format and content. Still, you have probably noticed during the analysis phase that some of your rivals don’t necessarily excel at these areas, or they may even convey a mediocre performance, yet present a high rate of external links.

There may be several reasons for this: they’ve been in the market for a longer period, run external opinion portals, have good journalist contacts, or can flat out afford sponsored content.

Whatever the reasons, there’s no need to worry. Creating a link building strategy from scratch without investing is an advantage within itself. How? By approaching the sources directly.

Of course, this requires effort and time. Thus, let’s establish the 3 priorities for building-up your online status and making the brand noticeable:

  • Choose your approach: What blogs do you need to collaborate with? Take them into a spreadsheet dividing portals according to their relevance, the number of interactions, and topics covered fitting your narrative. 
  • Pick your approach: Look out for contacts of journalists and editors currently working on Entrepreneur. They are the window for getting a link on it so the objective is to extract the best prospects to convince.
  • Take the first step: The origin of any external backlink strategy (in addition to spontaneous mentions) is for both parties to agree on the backlinking plan. This will serve as an excuse to display an online presence of much more authority when Entrepreneur receives your pitch.

Let’s delve into the last point because to convince a journalist, blog administrator or influencer you first must draw their attention, since – as I explained for the top rules to contact journalists and get published – these are people who constantly receive requests and they’ve gotten quite enough of it.

As a result, take the time to learn how to distribute your communications effectively in order to promote your material and acquire as many links as possible. 

5. Engaging communications

The secret of contacting with external leaders and platforms is to present your brand through a theme so fresh, valuable, and complete, that they have no choice but to use it as a reference or example.

Therefore, this portion of link building belongs to the Earned Media line, which means you will get a mention or a feature in the future off of this tactic. Without further ado, let’s talk about the methods to make an impact:

Create a press release:

The PR mechanism par excellence is very popular at the moment to get a link on authority media because it serves a dual objective: to release a news item of interest to users and to provide the third-party portal with a free piece of content or incentive for their next article.

You can say this a tool to honestly “buy” mentions, since its entire base is high-impact content. This is somewhat related to the next type of communication. For its part, to convince the Entrepreneur’s team I recommend sending an unpublished press release attaching to these previously built value links. That will give you much more credibility.


While it may seem like a conventional Owned Content scheme at first, it’s actually a hook-type of content. Link building articles are made to obtain social media links made for sharing.

The secret then is to use numerical titles and mention those references that you are interested in conquering, to later prepare a publication and tag the individual’s social media accounts. This will end up making them take a look at your online space. Here they should find content that (conveniently) speaks to their audience.

Guest Blogging:

If you find that the previous methods don’t get you close to the ideal percentage of backlinks quickly and you still don’t count on a roust presence for Entrepreneur to consider your request seriously, change the strategy and this time contact them via email or DM.

In this message, you will propose establishing a collaborative system where you create an article to publish on their blog and offer them the same.

As you should already imagine, this is a riskier strategy because reputable pages need to confirm that posting on your blog will grant them some benefit.

My recommendation in this regard is to reserve this resource for smaller online outlets. And who knows? Maybe you will find a partner along the way. The important thing is to be persistent and accumulate credits. 

At this point you will have two options: get acquainted with the Entrepreneur team of journalists and propose on a publication or apply as a collaborator.


The tips that I just gave you will help you when starting to build a profile that follows the parameters of the Google algorithm to continue climbing positions in the search results.

Keep in mind that Entrepreneur’ standards have changed a lot in the past few months and will continue to do so due to the high demand for content.

For that reason, if you want to optimize your efforts to get a link on Jason Feifer’s mythical website – and most importantly so that your SEO management is successful in the long term – focus on a single approach: achieve a level of visibility that responds to realistic goals depending on the stage you’re company is in.

On the other hand, I want to remind you that we continually publish guides on marketing, publicity, and PR as working schemes for autonomous strategies – adaptable to any industry, company, or communication channels.

Looking forward to getting the link just now?

For saving yourself from making any beginner mistakes and secure the best results possible, I recommend relying on a specialized team.

At Media Coverage we have designed a series of standard plans with which to start building a portfolio of powerful backlinks. The best part? You only pay once you obtain an entire media plan made for tailored to the brand alongside a long-awaited feature on Entrepreneur get the desired results. Feel free to reach out to us in the “Contact” section.

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