How to Make Best email signature for Gmail & Outlook

Have you ever wondered how many emails an employee would be sent to various recipients while working for a company? The simple answer to this question is, on average, a company employee sends out about 40 emails in a day. These emails can be each considered to be an opportunity for the company to brand itself in front of 40 people at least. This is what the email marketing strategy has been focused on. Email marketers often suggest people make use of an email signature at the end of every email that they send. This not only helps in making the email look more professional but also helps to advertise your brand. There are many ways that a signature for an email can be created but most of the large corporate companies choose to hire a digital marketing agency that would do this for them. The simple tool that such agencies make use of is a generator tool for emails. But even without the use of such an email, you can create a sophisticated and company-oriented signature for the emails. It is not that hard to create the right signature for an email since most of the part is generally related to the motive for it.

Why is the email signature important?

The corporate world runs with the help of lead generation and emails are a great way to generate more and more leads. With the use of email signature, companies can create more and more leads for their brands. Such signatures not only add a professional touch to the email but also help to convey an advertisement to the recipient. A signature that has been well drafted helps to gain more traffic for the company’s website and thus increase the customer base. Many companies have thus hired professional agencies to create email signature for them that would be able to attract more audience for them. The importance of an email signature can be understood by the simple fact that the companies who do use them are two to three times more likely to gain a new customer with every mail they send as compared to the companies who do not use a signature for their mails.

What is the best way to design a mail signature?

Many professionals are working in the field of marketing and email marketing has become one of the newest trends. According to the experts on this matter, the best way to design an email signature is to first understand the motive of a company and why they want the signature. The company’s ethics must be shown in the signature as it would be one of the first impressions of a company on new customers. The common email designs simply consist of the name and rank of the sender with the details of the company and its address. But such simple and boring designs are not meant to attract new customers, thus there needs to be some revolution to signature designing. Some companies even make use of a signature generator as it helps to generate a proper signature for the company mails and it is done without putting in any extra effort.

Best ways to create a signature for Gmail or Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are two of the most used mailing systems around the world. Gmail alone has around one billion active accounts which makes it one of the most used email systems. Thus people need to be aware that every mailing service has some perks to it and the signature system needs to be designed according to it. Thus some of the best ways to design an email signature are:

Manual Designing

It is one of the primary ways to design a signature for emails. You can do it yourself by thinking of the font you want to use, the layout of the text, and most importantly what information you want to give about yourself and the company. The best advice for manually adding a signature is to keep the text short and up to the point. Give details like your name, your rank, company name, and the address of the office. You can even add the company motto if you want.

Signature Generator

Since email marketing has grown to a large extent, there are many signature generators available for use on the internet. Some of the generators are free to use while some charge some amount to the user. You can choose the right generator tool for your purpose by checking the samples and also seeing the reviews about it on the internet. Designhill also provides certain services related to the generation of a useful signature for the emails. You can use the tool for getting a great corporate signature for the emails. 

Default templates

Since Gmail and Outlook both understand the importance of an email signature they have some default templates for the users to choose as the design for their signatures. You can even check these templates and use one if it suits your purpose.

The most important point while choosing a signature design is to make sure that it suits the purpose of your mail and also portrays the company’s ethics with it. Since the signature is going to be one of the first impressions of your brand, you need to make it as good as possible.

Tips to design a signature

If you have chosen to do the work of creating a signature yourself then you must have the right tips to understand what you need to do to create a good email signature. These are some of the key tips you will require to get the best design and layout:

1.       Find inspiration

The first thing you need to do is check out some of the examples of an email signature on the internet. You can go on various websites to find out what a professional email signature looks like and then take inspiration from them. It is best if you choose to take inspiration from the companies that work in a similar field as yours. The key here is to take inspiration and not copy the signature at all.

2.       Add visuals

If you need people to look at the signature profoundly then you need to make it such that it catches the attention. The best way to make the email signature visually attractive is to either add some colors to it or graphics. Choosing colors according to the theme of your company and adding graphics like your company logo is great for the signature.

3.       Personalization

The key to the personalization of an email signature is to make sure you know about the person you are sending the mail to. You can add quotes to the signature or even proper designation for the recipient. There are many ways to add a touch of personality to the signature and it would also make the recipient feel more connected to your company.

4.       Call to action

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to add a call for action in the signature. The use of catchphrases like ‘Download now’ or ‘Call the nearest store’ to make your signature more profound to doing business with the recipient. You need to stick to the goal of the mail and then add a proper phrase to call for action.

Cautions related to signing a mail

 Since there has already been a discussion about what to do in a signature, there is also a need to know what not to do while signing an email. Some things that a person does in the signature often set off the recipient and instead of gathering attention to the brand, it makes the recipient think otherwise. Thus here are some ‘don’ts’ for you to keep in mind while adding a signature:

1.       Do not add images or texts to the signature that take the attention away from the motive of the mail or the company.

2.       Do not use unprofessional or catchy fonts or font size.

3.       Do not add inactive websites or social media handles to the signature.

4.       No confusing titles that may or may not exist in the real world.

These are some of the professional ‘don’ts’ to keep in mind while signing off on any email that you send. Even while using a generator tool make sure that none of these things are done in the signature.


There are lots of emails being exchanged every minute from the accounts of various company employees. There are lots of leads being generated through such emails. One of the most important parts of an email is the email signature which helps to make the recipient get a hint of professionalism from the email. Thus it can be concluded that designing the best signature for an email sent using Gmail or Outlook is quite full of effort but it is also very important as these services are largely used and they are a great way to generate leads for the businesses. 

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