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  Written by Angel Mora

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Digital marketing means serious business. That may have been the ultimate business lesson in recent months. And although it is easy to point out, for many entrepreneurs, choosing a starting point between the infinite terms (SEO, lead, CTR …) and priorities (communicating, selling, loyalty, promoting) can be overwhelming. But there is a practice that encompasses everything and is capable of bringing any company to life, and that is Guest Posting.

But what is guest posting? What are its advantages? And most importantly, how and when to use it?

In today’s post, I’m answering each one of these questions as a tutorial in Media Coverage style: easy and straightforward. By the time you finish reading, you will have all the necessary knowledge to unleash a new phase in your company.

With that said, let’s start by breaking some of the most common myths in marketing.

David befriends Goliath or how to be relevant in the digital age

guest posting

Marketing gurus affirm that having a decent website, being on every social network and constantly publishing lots of content are key elements for positioning your brand’s image within the digital market, and generating sales.

However, what many forget to add to this equation is how when your brand doesn’t have enough reach, you might as well be doing absolutely nothing. Even generating 3000 words a day for months would simply make yours just another name of the pile. And currently, no brand can afford to go unnoticed.

While 28% of startups fail, with an additional 70% remaining, most small businesses are currently lacking effective calls-to-action around their online presence, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Therefore, as much competition as there is in the virtual sphere, big players are the ones occupying the top places on the search results. After all, their reputation precedes them, and it is transferred to the Internet users’ conscience.

Does that mean that to grow your audience you should have one to begin with? Well, unless you’re representing a huge corporation, yes you do.

This may come off as very familiar since we find a similar situation to that of large companies interested in hiring recently graduated young professionals, as long as they have years of experience in the field.

One of the most popular solutions for both cases is to offer a “selfless collaboration.” The big difference in marketing is the fact that, by choosing this route as a new entrepreneur, you get the opportunity to earn much more in return, and not just the knowledge.


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The role of guest posting in your media strategy

guest posting

As part of inbound marketing, guest posting relies on spreading information from the position of guest author on other companies or entrepreneur’s blogs — answering questions while dealing with unexplored topics related to your brand.

Guest posting is so popular because these blogs small businesses collaborate with have already found their audience, a good position among Google search results, and also hold a decent amount of authority. In this way, by sneaking into their narrative, you’re able to create your own. 

From my perspective, this is the smartest way to break in the market nowadays since, unlike ads or invasive promotion, guest bloggers allow readers to access original, useful, and valuable resources.


  • According to figures collected by Referral Rock, aspects such as credibility are closely linked to guest posting with 62.96% of readers responding positively to blogs with more than one author.


The common modality for guest posting is when both platforms have value to provide each other and thus generate backlinks. Perhaps is a company on the rise, but your service can be a convenient complement.

Trust me. It can be surprisingly easy to convince an influential site to work together. A closer example is the rest of our posts featuring amazing authors or also networks like Forbes, which follows the same pattern of a wide variety of articles made by guests.

Inbound approach

guest posting

Keep in mind that the purpose is to bring users to access your website, improve your results, and also find a solution to their demands.

Additionally, if you do it properly, there is a whole series of options that will surprise you: tripling your traffic in just 3 months, obtaining commercial allies, and expanding your service catalog, among others.

Ultimately with guest posting the sky’s the limit, but there is still much more to it. Miraculous solutions don’t exist, only strategies starting from the plausible.

The 7 Steps of guest posting

guest posting

As I suggested earlier, achieving the position of collaborating blogger on external websites — and therefore networking with other people in the community — are your two primary tasks. But how to start?

  1. Find your options

You already solved the “what” aspect of the equation. Now is the time to know the “who” and “how”. Before even considering outsourced content, create a list with as many blogs as possible to getting in contact with.

They must suit your category and hold an accessible authority range yet not represent direct competition — sites like Forbes are available to us at Media Coverage; But while starting from scratch (and on your own), stick to targeting only the relatively closest candidates.

In order to find them, simply enter your niche keyword on Google and add “write for us” or “collab with us” at the end. Among the options, there are also lists and rankings people have made to help others on this task.

Once your candidates are identified alongside their contact information, it is time to make the connection.

  1.  Plan your content

The key to offering an effective link is involving aspects such as having universal articles in stock before getting in touch with the owner. When both sides share a niche, probably the articles that you are used to making or you already have available — and haven’t been published, will serve as an opening.

Although to do that, you should take a look at the largest amount of content on the blog and posts on social networks. That way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with its audience in advance.

  1. Adopt the mindset

Like you, other entrepreneurs avoid at all costs everything and everyone that might implicate a waste of time. Therefore prepare, analyze your objective, and prepare in advance your ideas, proposals for work dynamics, themes as well as what you can offer in return.

Subsequently, proceed to comment on specific posts pointing out what you liked, plus making strategic observations — be sure to use a positive tone and build the argument to make it digestible.

What you are looking for is to give the impression that you both will work together fluidly. Prepare a short explanation format about what you would like to add to their blog and also the particular elements you want to work on, highlighting aspects such as agility and quality.

  1. Start approaching 

You have prepared the ground and it is time to take the first step. The most common way to do it is to email them, although lately the figure of the DM is used a lot. But if you ask me, this is a little more informal and may not work with all your candidates; avoid it if possible.

In your email, go to open the conversation in a personalized way; being concise enough with the proposal so that the exchange of messages ends up leading to the minimum — remember that you should save time for the content you plan to create. The conversation can follow this formula:

Guest Post = You Proposal + Candidate Acceptance Mail + Delivery of the article.

To this formula, you can add a couple of emails more related to solving some questions or as an invitation to the blogger to share their vision.

  1. Feedback

Never fear rejection, it’ll happen; Either directly (with a response) or your proposal will be the only email to ever be sent between both sides. For that, we put together a backup plan, which means you will have already reached out to the rest of your list. Statistically speaking, the more people you get in contact with by letting them see sincere interest, the higher your chances are to guest posting on their blogs.

  1. Create your guest post

You have established a productive connection. Consequently, start by submitting or adapting your first post as a contributor. Remember this should not be filler content, but the beginning of a business association instead; therefore your articles should be treated with the importance and quality they deserve:

  • Include internal links: Having read other articles within the blog, you can make a reference to one, helping their SEO OnPage in the process.
  • Look for misspellings: It goes without saying that as a first impression, “false steps” or typos are completely out of the question.
  • Include high-resolution images: In a guest post, if required, they are the complement that will capture the reader’s attention. Be sure to use them properly.
  • Couple their style and editorial line to your format: A blog audience is already familiar with certain types of articles. Therefore, you can apply all the creativity you want as long as you’re respecting the limits, such as how the owner addresses the reader.
  • Incite info exchange: The article is supposed to generate impressions; therefore, try to respond to comments and reactions, also sharing it on social media
  1. Keep the balance

Having applied the previous points, take into account the challenges about starting a guest posting strategy. Anticipating your tactics to this will make the process much easier and smoother. With that in mind, you should:

  • Keep your site updated: The boomerang effect. Think that the message you transmit will cause reactions that you can later channel from your blog. In summon: whenever you make a guest post, have material on your blog to back it up.
  • Manage your time: The time in any project is limited. Therefore, distinguish your schedules and dedicate specific hours for the tasks of what it means to run a business from offline, and then those regarding the online promotion component.
  • Work within your capacities: “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” Hence the focus should be on achieving specific goals and not on volume. I like to divide it into stages in ascending order.
  • Think in the long run: Although the main stage of guest posting is to publish unique articles, avoid falling into self-centeredness. Remember that it’s not about advertising your brand (only mentioning it), but about connecting and building long-term relationships.
  • Be receptive: As with your company at the moment, many other projects are also rising and probably at first glance won’t seem to contribute yours in any way. However, they offer many advantages, so try to combine the work with large blogs and smaller ones.

What to do once the first guest post comes out

You’ve already made the most difficult part of getting started with the guest posting strategy as a whole. Nevertheless, after that first set of posts, you should be prepared for the new level of Web traffic coming your way as well as other blogs wanting to collaborate with you.

Among the most important indicators to decide when you should take a guest posting opportunity is the figure of mention. That is when they start to mention your blog from other pages spontaneously. This shows a genuine interest that followed by email contact and a corresponding analysis on your part can mean a good match. Additionally, you can search for domain unions.


As you can see, the purpose behind this guide was sharing with you the intricacies of how valuable guest posting can be as a resource for branding. All this especially when the decision to subscribe or buy depends on the authority and the reputation held, and because today buyers tend to be less risky with their investments.

In the end, a well-placed guest post can derive in the spectrum of benefits in the long-term such as reaching the expert status within online communities – resulting in much more sales and acceptance for future product or service announcements.

Without a doubt, it is a task that requires a lot of discipline and time. Hence, remember that your digital marketing plan is delegable. At Media Coverage we have a specialized team that designs a coordinated content action specifically designed for your page.

You can learn about our options in the pricing section, or contact us directly and request a meeting with our staff.

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