How to boost organic PR backlinks with your marketing plan

  Written by Angel Mora

pr backlinks

“I need my company to be an Internet hit.” This was unquestionably the most commented phrase during the last 5 years, but in 2020 it’s officially our motto. Entrepreneurs globally have been forced to dab in e-commerce abruptly leaving out the most essential aspects, such as pr backlinks and media transitions.

So far your team was focused on having a decent website, a wide catalog of products or services, and continuously publishing content all over social media. That is, in theory, the essence of digital marketing. 

However, I want to ask you, that of all the possible places got here, a couple of questions:

  • Do you ever think of what the users (and potential customers) go through before even getting to know anything about the offer?
  • – What is your brand’s real exposition level amid new audiences?

During the early stages of any venture, all of us probably have a hard time finding an answer for those questions. Marketing is always evolving just like our approach to SEO positioning after all. Therefore, as leaders of a company or Public Relations manager, it is up to us to navigate the online communication funnel from SEO perspectives.

Unsurprisingly, the natural consequence of this environment is the rise in popularity of pr backlinks. If you are interested in grasping how this figure suits brand management and the methodology behind its use, pay close attention to the cases and tips disclosed below.

Let’s start with the basics…

To rely on user trust

The moment your company acquired an online presence, you signed on – alongside thousands of other brands with similar characteristics and target- a turbulent market competition for reaching the top search positions.

Also, there is a reason why websites who have more exposure and chances of being at the top of the results are those that include pr backlinks in their media plan, as reported in a recent article in Forbes. At least 78% of today’s web traffic is generated by search engines; searches made by people looking for answers to their questions or finding a solution to problems. Your solution.

But just like athletes who require not only their ability but a whole support system to deliver a great performance, you need to integrate a variety of resources that stimulate your brand’s potential, stand out and win the grand prize of engaging your target audience and boosting the sale rates.

To explain it better, I would like to share the vision of Media Coverage about backlinks


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pr backlinks

What do backlinks represent in today’s digital marketing?

Backlinks comprise a mention to one website from the page of another. For its part, backlinking activities comprise the linking actions made to comply with Google’s algorithms. These commands do the work of scrutinizing the internal and external value of links held between domains generated by a search (SERP).

A higher level of SERP means you will get more visits. To put it simply the process looks something like this: Let’s picture you’re running a chain of gyms. In the last update on its blog, the whole crew gave bits of advice on diets and workouts for those who stay at home and also announced a new App for connecting clients with nutritionists and trainers remotely.

Then, a website dedicated to fitness links your post to its own blog spontaneously because the person in charge wanted to add extra information. Simple, this act is later analyzed and registered by Google’s recognition algorithms as proof of the quality found on your website. 

Finding the right approach

  1. While in the online world, the biggest companies don’t connect with the smallest players, the big boys in e-commerce only generate backlinks with other powerful websites and rarely request help from low-quality websites.

    If you’re wondering, companies like Amazon use different types of tactics on a completely different scale.

    But when startups, small and medium-sized companies want to optimize their search engine performance, they turn to the advice of professionals or expert agencies in the field. For example, at Media Coverage PR, we are dedicated to implementing relevant content generation tactics that in turn respond to web engineering principles.

    Such a notion allow us to offer the client an entirely optimized media plan as well as a new route for obtaining quality backlinks. Consequently, our ultimate goal is always to ensure that these processes are adaptable, convenient, and gradual.

    As you can see, with this article, the intention of Media Coverage and mine come about extending a closer look at the SEO rules and help you turn your brand into an Internet success by following a clear premise: getting and controlling the backlinks.

    Among the 6 pr backlinks vital terms to know are:

    • No-Follow link: Redirection to an unreliable site.
    • DoFollow Link: The default status of all links.
    • Linking Root Domains: Number of backlinks leading to a website from only one source.
    • Low-Quality Links: Links from automated sites, spam, or adult content.
    • Internal links: Interconnection links within the same domain.
    • Anchor Texts: The text used for hyperlinks.
  1. How your brand should use backlinks

Today there are two kinds of timely and legal practices for your backlinking activities. The first one is about the complementary links which, although considered by Google as “points in favor” of the domain, are only limited to providing additional information to the link.

As reviewed with the marketing expert and author of the book “Marketing Growth Secret: Growth Hacking, Marketing, PR and Brand Strategies to Lead Your Startup to Success,” Roberto Liccardo, the complementary links don’t import a solution for the user or potential client. An example of this is found in footnote formats, which we usually find when doing academic research. It is currently the least popular alternative in e-commerce.

The second, however, is about embedded links. These are the most used in SEO strategies because they hold specific purposes like subscription, purchase, or overall involvement in the company’s ecosystem. But its practical intention is to justify an offer to algorithms like PageRank.

They are easily identifiable, as they are the direct links attached to keywords and strategic phrases. For instance, the perfect balance between embedded and complementary links would be a shortcut to Media Coverage’s media packages or an interview with the aforementioned Roberto Liccardo further explaining the above points.

Moreover, it is important not to associate it with negative SEO activities. Unfortunately, there is an entire SEO industry dedicated to the excessive exploitation of this resource, known by the term link juice. 

Keep in mind that a poorly implemented backlinking strategy will only result in problems and penalties that will indefinitely affect the image of your online company.

In your work as an entrepreneur, it must take priority to generate an offer of tangible value that strengthens a true bond with users and with possible collaborators and allied companies. Therefore, avoid at all costs falling into the dark side of digital positioning.

If yours is a sole proprietorship or just a startup, it will surely be useful to follow a prototype program that you’re able to modify on the go. That means it’s time, finally, to start putting into practice all the previous points. 

5 steps to building your PR backlinks strategy from scratch

1)Research and testing

Before jumping right on the mention of another website, start by adding into the equation those backlinks you can create yourself. You can generate high-quality collaborative content on platforms like Quora or Reddit and then extend a backlink to your corporate website.

On the other hand, to obtain backlinks will depend on whether you take into account the pre-established guidelines for your current PR activities. They determine which are the domains that fit your proposal the best and exert a most commanding authority.

For both the comfort of the user and Google, you should target valuable information – which will give rise to future organic backlinks, since what matters the most is not the link itself.  In order to anticipate the level of reach and performance, these links should test 3 things: If they truly present additional components to your content, are relevant to the theme on both ends and contribute an advantage to the search public.

Descending, make sure you start at the top pages down to those with the least domain authority. For this task, you have at your disposal an infinity of tools either in the form of plugins or online platforms, which will serve as a guide for finding the required information needed on the reference pages easily.

Also, on top of the number of links, the diversity of sources weighs in. Having a list of different and trustworthy platforms begets a more significant impact on searches than just counting on one. While recapping the terms learned above, mind that your PR team should discard those no-follow links.

2) Include guarantees in your plan

Create lots of content. It may sound like unoriginal advice, but that’s the key to ingratiating yourself with Google and other e-commerce players. If from your blog or other derived channels you publish content that responds to problems or doubts that others have not dabbed in yet, it is a perfect opportunity to receive a mention.

That is the exchange that Google supports. But as I suggested earlier, doing it from a platform that is not yet part of the collective consciousness is a complex task, so that you could use some inspiration.

Next, track and analysis the backlinking activities already taking place in your market sector. If your competition is better positioned than you are in Google results, you can extract their backlinks from external pages, as well as the links they create from their channel. What kind of pages do they link? Take note of the rank and level of authority in each.

3) Create connections

There is an inescapable reality: it will be much easier to get a blog, an entertainment portal or a media outlet that has already heard something about your company – even if it is just the name- to understand and be genuinely involved in the content you post as part of your corporate presence than to simply publish random data hoping for the best because it can take a while (a lot).

One way to do this is to ask for an interview. However, taking a first step, the most accessible measure that any entrepreneur who wants to generate PR backlinks has, is offering to create an article as a guest on their blog. Being part of the field, surely you can give them an interesting perspective that catches their (and your) client-base. With that in mind, you would already conquer one link.

In preparation for a long-term relationship with media outlets, try looking for broken links (NoFollow) within their website and then reach the managers via email to notify them, also offering content with which they can replace it.

4) The news as a catapult for your brand

In case you haven’t noticed (or experienced) it yet, the levels of news consumption during this quarter of 2020 has reached new peaks. Hubspot reports that media outlets get at least 25% compared to 2019. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!


You can give the news and journalists what they want: A significant story to review which stands out among the others. You can even take this occasion as an excuse to finish defining the sponsorship or promotion of philanthropy events benefiting a specific community – of course, all within your budget range.

5) Control

Finally, both you and your team must carry out monitoring and management tasks periodically as maintained by the content schedule. Once again, a moderate pr backlink strategy is going to take time, so expectations should be fixed in the medium and long term.


But if what you want is to execute a convergent strategy – that is, a content plan and what additionally involves mass media and authority portals – that generates returns in a period of a few months, there is a variety of options for you.

At Media Coverage our professionals will design a plan tailored to your company. Feel free to contact us and we’ll schedule a meeting. In the meantime, take a look at the price list and packages.