What is linkbuilding pr and why should you include it in your marketing strategy this 2020

  Written by Angel Mora

pr linkbuilding

Finally, you’ve armed yourself with courage and decided to work towards the big goal of building a strong brand image and make your site a dynamo for visits and sales. That’s great. Now, do you know how difficult it can be to make a web page rank without having a good pr linkbuilding strategy supporting your efforts?

If you haven’t thought about it, now it’s the right time; and I have good news for you: The entire Media Coverage team has come together to summarize a series of basic tips that explore pr link building from the perspective of a marketer or brand leader on the rise.

Therefore, in this article you can find:

  • Brief and direct explanations on the most important concepts from pr link building.
  • A review of the key aspects to keep in mind when starting to search for and get links, and –
  • Our go-to guide to creating and controlling such links.

That said, let’s jump right into the subject.

The biggest challenge in your online career

Surely, you have been mired in an infinite parade of tasks – as part of the intricacies of running a digital business from scratch – that drain all of your attention and also are extremely time-consuming. But without a doubt, out of all of your priorities, SEO positioning stands in value. 

Ever since its appearance, this practice has evolved to become the mainstay of online commerce. So much so that it is the most common topic of discussion in blogs and forums all over the Internet. And while it requires some extra effort on your part, I promise it will worth every minute.

As a consequence, we experts have reached a tacit consensus: that to have a relevant site, it needs to hold a good number of backlinks received and to be shared in authority media – driven by a communication plan. 

That is the basis for ruling good Web positioning in 2020.

According to Safari, 82% of brand leaders who engage SEO strategies in their marketing plan attribute their online success to their websites.

However, when it comes to putting it into practice, it’s imperative to get a grasp on how it works very well, just as the correct way display within evaluation algorithms. Otherwise, without the proper understanding of topics like producing quality natural links, the only thing you’ll be able to achieve is wasting tons of time and resources without getting anything in return in the long-term – or worse, having the search engine penalizing you.

Such a scenario can be avoided by combining the principles of Public Relations with top-notch methods of link building.


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The concepts

pr linkbuilding

When we talk about link building we refer to all the actions carried out to ensure a website is linked by third parties and thus increase its popularity.

Who doesn’t like to get numerous visits from potential clients with little to no investment? 

The concept is simple: creating a net with a large number of links from external quality pages pointing out to your website.

Quality in SEO

Nowadays, when Google states that a link has quality, it means that it comes from websites with high PageRank. The higher it is, the more it will contribute to reaching the top places in search results.

But, as I suggested above, not all backlinks are going to deliver the boost required for this task. You must be careful of damaging your progress with erroneous tactics in dissonance with Google’s main priority, which is to provide a good user experience

What is expected from your brand?

Google’s algorithm is currently smart enough to understand the correlation of the words around the link itself.

Evaluators like Penguin extract the content, analyze up to 200 factors before adding it to their records and index it to the relevant keywords; or on the contrary, determine if the site’s sole purpose is to manipulate the rules without actually helping the final user.

Regarding this, here is a very concrete example:

Have you ever noticed the number of comments on blogs and influencer portals, inviting members and readers to follow a certain user, or enter a Web page without even bothering to engage in the post’s subject?

That’s the work of novel public relations and business owners desperate enough to get their product or service off the ground by any means, not just the right ones. And, although succeeding is the motivation of all of us who do business on the Internet, that process is called SPAM and it won’t get you anywhere. 

Why? Falling for such temptations usually leads business owners and marketers to permanent blocking and even backlash, which could dictate a sentence of failure on a company, especially when it’s new.

What is the correct approach for pr link building?

With all the information above you can already conclude that the algorithms want you to generate your links naturally. And the way to create a natural flow of links is by applying the principles of the PR and following a reaction strategy.

 But before starting to carry out pr link building actions, I recommend you to follow Media Coverage’s tested and proven route, such as:

The power of your Owned Media

Any reputable online business, in addition to having an attractive website and a broad catalog of under its belt, must be present in the main popular social networks for the industry (i. e. Twitter for goods and services companies, Youtube for entertainment projects, Instagram for beauty gurús and Facebook for startups). At the same time, leaders also need to introduce themselves to specialized opinion platforms (corporate blogs and complementary pages).

Furthermore, even if you followed all these steps to the letter, there is currently a tremendous amount of missed opportunities on each of those channels that you haven’t noticed; and that’s the basic starting point that will lay the foundation for the rest of your pr backlinking strategy.

Getting started is pretty straightforward. You only need to include, on all platforms, links to specific sections of your website and keep the data updated. At this point, it is necessary to talk about the star of link building…

Produce unique and creative content

This is an interesting section because what occurs is a feedback loop in which the only consequence is inbound links. Let me expand on this:

Creating material according to the algorithms and search engines means that during the search phase by subject and specific keywords – referring to your category, the offer, or the subject you decide to tackle – the appearances of your website increase.

In 2020, people respond more positively to companies that show they have much more to offer than to buy a product. That’s why users will get motivated to navigate your page when they notice that it houses valuable content that incites conversation and that fuels the credibility around the brand.

Achieving authority

pr linkbuilding


When you in content creation, the material can even get you to reach the position of a referent for other websites and thus generate backlinks indirectly; This phenomenon is known as link baiting.

You can fine-tune this method by following up with tools such as BuzzStream, tracing mentions by topic to find those that generate more traction in the public through shares.

As time goes by, you can enhance that process with the most acclaimed techniques within pr linkbuilding by optimizing old content, such as:

  • Changing the titles for ones that respond to search trends.
  • Including new keywords within the body of the text.
  • Expanding the information to generate longer texts with additional value.

In summary, taking an active and coordinated role in content production leads to an increase in referral traffic that can become a peak for your conversion rate. And this is a guaranteed method that we put into practice in Media Coverage constantly.

Obtain allies and respect from the industry

Within your article writing and engaging activities, it is important that you leave room for other of its edges: collaboration and contact with the media.

After all, you are interested in your company growing not only in traffic per se but also by being recognized among the big players in the market and attract a greater audience than you could have only from your niche. And you can achieve this through a simple link even without the contribution of search engine rankings.


Among the great advantages of public relations delving into the field of positioning, is that you can distribute press releases designed for link building. Getting to be a feature in a media outlet or blog automatically gives you relevance and puts you in contact with journalists and editors with whom you can continue collaborating in the future.

Likewise, you can choose to allocate part of your original content to carry out Guest posting activities (As I mentioned in the article “Is there only one way to do guest-blogging right?”), and appear as an author in external spaces for mutual benefit.

The 5 key steps of pr link building

pr linkbuilding

  1. Strategic placing

The position of the link (footer, header, image, the body text) is perfectly differentiated by the evaluation system, so the place where you choose to place your link does add within this equation.

Therefore, if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, make sure to locate most of the links along the body of the text and integrate them with your valuable content, since in other areas such as footers or the sidebar they give the impression of irrelevance. Which brings us to the next point…

  1. Organic patterns

Although your plan must be carried out with great care, try not to follow an automatic linking pattern. Google welcomes when there is a large number of links from different types of domains and IPs on your pages, instead of multiple links coming only from one.

For these, you should consider the presence of do-follow (normal) and no-follow (not linked) links. Even though both are necessary for showing regularity before the algorithm, they provide different properties to the positioning of your brand. The latter can be identified by the homonymous tag in its HTML code.

  1. Diversity of Anchor Texts

Considering the anchor text is the one that, when clicking, directs us to the indexed page, always make the effort to use various easy-to-recognize keywords following the lines proposed by the Penguin algorithm.

Formats like the classic “Click Here” detract from the link. The alternatives will respond to the nature of the keyword.

For example: if the keyword is “marketing”, you should use it as anchor text as well as variations like “publicity” or “branding.”

  1. Utility

Additionally, the external pages referenced must be related to yours and provide relevant information.

So avoid including link farm addresses, purchased addresses, or just low domain pages such as those that apply automation or manual thickening of link volume from blogrolls or footers.

In this case, it is better to have few backlinks from sites with high authority than many links from sites with little authority. Remember that what you want to do is demonstrate your brand is covering demands for knowledge in your users.

  1. Bidirectional balance

Yes, there is such a thing as too much or too little. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know for sure the nature of the algorithmic code used by Google. In practice, this translates for you to maintain a healthy number of self-referential links (which respond to the rest of your content and platforms) and those third parties in equal measures.

On the other hand, be sure to maintain a gradual growth rate. What you achieve with this is to make it clear yours is organic evolution.




I hope this article has been of great help to give you a more sweeping perspective on the importance of pr linkbuilding, as this is a technique that will continue to generate contributions to your brand image even long after your first actions.

But to guarantee greater success, keep in mind that you must carry out your plan responsibly, relying on specialists in the field. If you want to expand your knowledge or if instead, you’re looking for diversifying your efforts, you can take a look at our Pricing section and contact us.

Here at Media Coverage, we have a wide range of resources and knowledge to set up a pr link building strategy that adjusts not only to your needs but also to your budget.

Finally, don’t forget to comment and share this article with your colleagues, as well as check the rest of our blogs.