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The Purpose Of Having A Facebook Page In 2019

Having A Facebook Page In 2019

Currently, digital strategists know that experience can help improve the relationship of a brand or company with consumers; and this situation also works on social networks like Facebook. Aware that new generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z, have another type of interaction with brands, agencies are increasingly looking to make changes to reach their target.

The latter can be verified with the growth communication has been experiencing through social networks or from instant messaging apps, since the user trends are moving towards the appliance on smartphones.

Here at GoodNoon, our team has devoted significant efforts to understand Facebook’s role and its margin of effectiveness, and these are the conclusions we wanted to share with you:

New online habits

From the beginning, we must speak transparently: In the ecosystem of social networks, Facebook is not close to leaving the leadership, and in fact, does not have a competitor that can stop it – especially after the fact that its main corporation owns several other trending platforms-.

Despite the problems, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with an estimated 2.27 billion people. Additionally, it has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users – this represents an increase of 17% in the last 2 years.

Of this percentage, there is still another vital aspect to be considered: as of the third quarter of 2018, the social network had 1.74 billion mobile users, which also makes it relevant to the apps sector.

According to Forbes, for companies, brands or business businesses, Facebook is a necessary tool to apply  on marketing strategies if the objective is really to obtain an effective commercial development. Implementing a business model in social networks is useful from different points of view if marketing strategy are focused on the bigger trends from users.

That’s why Facebook maintains its status as a “unique platform”: between all the other alternatives, it has the highest possibility of reaching many potential customers. Now, although it is more complicated to achieve success within the social platform, locating its place within the social space it promotes is one of the many benefits brands and businesses can obtain.

The marketing strategy of Facebook for 2019

Using Facebook for marketing requires improving a current strategy, and considering some needs. You cannot have unrealistic aspirations, because the act of pursuing vanity metrics doesn’t solve problems on its own. The tactics utilized must be only those that are relevant.

Addressing the main challenges through the right tracking tools, including the platform, can be the solution sought by brands and companies.

  • Have goals that directly affect the primary needs of the brand

One of the main objectives for companies is to create goals and fulfill them. Although it is a plan that can be worked on, the strategy of the targets will be efficient as soon as you work with a scope and marketing perspective; or you go with a list of clear ideas to a PR agency.

  • Increase the quality of sales

Working on the knowledge of the consumers you have in your community is always a good idea. By understanding it better, more resources can be achieved to improve the final scope. On adding more value to an organization: this social channel will better nurture clients, develop knowledge and offer more information to the audience.

  • High-grade drive within the industry

If a company considers that its competitors are always one step ahead, with the help of monitoring tools, it is possible to inform, listen and keep track of all social conversations that revolve around what your firm does, or the competition.

  • More effective recruitment

Through social networks, you can make a more straightforward recruitment strategy, but that only means that you will have to analyze better how currents are used to win.

  • Presence and popularity

Social media can be an excellent source to boost the efforts that are retaken to improve the presence and popularity. This generates better competition within the market, and better talent can be reached.

  • Smarter growth

Reducing abandonment, budget allocations and spending, in addition to increasing acquisition are aspects of a successful business. However, Facebook helps improve each of those aspects. Therefore, if your signature seeks to stand out and be present in the future, it is necessary to reach them through other tactics.

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