Written by Luis Johnson

How Public Relations Can Help NGOs Achieve Their Goals

How Public Relations Can Help NGOs Achieve Their Goals

Before we start this article we have to divide the types of non-profit organizations. These rely most on public relations in order to achieve their objectives:

1) Companies aware of their social responsibility
2) organisms dedicated to non-economic purposes (NGOs)

Within the first group, it is important to emphasize that nowadays it is no longer a question of philanthropy as an act of social responsibility, but of a new way of doing business where the only commitment is to society.

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Public relations can help the support to develop communities, social groups with specific needs, caring for the environment. They become an added value to win over target audiences of companies.

On the other hand, there are agencies dedicated to a non-profitable objective, which have no economic nature but instead supports causes or activities such as sports or every other cultural initiative in favor of the community that tends to develop it as education, health, among others.

The growth of private and non-profit public organizations has generated the need to develop specific strategies towards the different publics of interest. And for these two types of organizations, public relations activities are fundamental in the support of their objectives.

Philanthropic activities in the business world

Within the business sector, social causes are a long-term strategy that is related to mutually beneficial issues, creating a group primarily aimed at philanthropic activities.

A relationship that is established between a company and a non-profit organization facilitate each parties respective objectives of communication, human resources, marketing, and public relations.

In the constant struggle to increase the number of consumers and obtain their goodwill to expand their markets, the activities aimed at corporate social responsibility is based on a marketing strategy that unites the brand image with social causes.

Companies that develop programs with philanthropic objectives must be oriented to causes of interest according to the profile of their target audiences and, in addition to being in line with the philosophy of the company, they must be related to their business or activity, and be financially capable.


Public Relations Help Non-Profit Organizations

In social responsibility duties, public relations play an intellectual role in the success of this type of program. In addition to publicizing and disseminating these activities, they can reach a group of possible participants, both economically and directly.

Also, there are now countless companies dedicated to actively participate in humanitarian issues. Either by joining with associations dedicated to this type of activities for the benefit of society or through the creation of foundations oriented to non-profit actions.

Businesses have realized that they are participating in a highly competitive market. Dozens of organizations seek to stand out, which is why they need public relations as a necessary tool.

For only through communication with this type of activity, companies can be present in the minds of their target audiences.

Community organizations

Many companies want to show their clients how they return what they receive to society. In today’s world, companies are expected to be useful in taking part in community events and projects.

By engaging with local non-profit organizations you help to perform community cleanups. Also, Raise funds for schools, donations to local libraries and hospitals, and sponsor outdoor concerts.

Companies can show visible corporate support to the community with the help of public relations.

Help community organizations plan their events and get involved personally. People remember and respect the leaders of companies that make an effort. It also does not hurt to have your company’s name on the payroll of sponsors and event pamphlets.


Giving money to charities and non-profit educational organizations has the critical advantage of obtaining tax deductions. Even your corporate or business membership can be deducted.

Many companies allocate money figures to donate as a way to achieve strategic tax deductions. Also, in return, become a financial advantage for the company.

These donations can also create effective advertising, brand recognition, and services for public relations. Consult an accountant or lawyer before donating, to fully understand the legal terms and benefits.

Public Relations Help Non-Profit Organizations

Public relations as a highly effective tool in NGOs

Non-profit organizations generally obtain their funds and economic resources from private or corporate donors, and some sell products or services to carry out their social activities.

It is difficult to obtain funds for a social organization, especially if you do not have a relevant public image or use local, national or international media to disseminate your actions. 

Public relations help to create communication channels or improve existing ones with different social actors, to be more socially known. Such as promoting the creation of alliances between peers and other sectors of the community.

PR helps to build a good reputation and image of the organization, design efficient fundraising strategies, etc.

NGOs must disclose their projects, actions, needs, promote and raise awareness about the issue they work to make their activities known.

In this way, they can position themselves socially and in this way gain the trust of society to get more support. The Roadblocks To Universal Health Coverage And How NGOs Can Help Remove Them serves as an example.

Collaborating with PR specialists

PR actions can increase collaboration with any NGO, both in fostering donations and with the participation and help of volunteers. It is essential for NGOs to communicate effectively with the rest of the community. Besides showing what useful contributions are made to them and in this way retain donations, volunteers, etc.

Some people and organizations still have the prejudice that it is frivolous to spend money that is scarce, in public relations. But this concept is not correct since it is not necessary to spend too much money on public relations.

But generating connections and solid links together with the creative use of material and human resources.

A good plan of communication and public relations in an NGO should help to make more popular the cause or social problem in which the organization works. Gaining more social support will allow more people to commit and collaborate with the nonprofit organization.

The third sector is a great protagonist in today’s societies since their tasks produce relevant social changes. But many of the NGO’s still fail to grow more, because they make frequent communication errors such as not communicating what they do.

PRs allow organizations to create social ties that will enable them to work more peacefully. Have stable funding and thus achieve the goals that were set.