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Public Relations In E-commerce Technology

PR In E-commerce

Before talking about online public relations and how to help online sells, we must make clear what is e-commerce (Electronic Commerce). We can say that it is an entry portal that allows customers to see all the products of a particular company. Public relations will help position from photographs, texts, animations, sounds, to videos so that all those products are clearly described and accepted by their clients and to make a purchase in easy steps without having to go to a store. Every e-commerce site usually has:

– A consult form and the delivery terms of products.

–  A booking and purchase system.

– Visitor counter for a period of time.

– Management of the merchant account for real-time payment of credit cards.

– Statistics and graphs on sales.

– Mobile support

Most e-commerce sites generate orders in real time and notify the company in the same way by e-mail, pager or beeper the purchase notification remotely and have total management by the owner of the Shopping on information on products, customers, sales, maintenance and administration of the system.

It is also possible to easily access an e-commerce solution when doing online public relations as the final step of strategies to make sure the audiences are aware they can buy through web portals for a specific company, which allows having a virtual store or a space to sell products online. They can be created from small stores where a few products are offered to large catalogs with an unlimited number of references.

How to use the online store

How to use the online store
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The implementation of an online store for the sale of online products offers its customers the convenience of an interactive and multimedia medium, as well as the speed and security of the payment method. The process that public relations will let your customers know when entering the website is as follows.

A user can take or leave products from their virtual shopping cart and modify the quantities of the products they buy at any time. The program will follow the things the user adds and keep the “wishlist” open throughout the companies web visit.

When any customer completes the purchase, the administrator must fill out a form, and in some cases this process is automatic, hosted on a secure server, with the data and bank details. The program will automatically send the client a copy of the invoice sent through email, discount the amount sold of the stock and update the database of the trade.

The obtained bank details, credit card number or account number, can be processed manually, or in the case of the credit card number, sent immediately to your bank through an electronic payment module. Hosted in a secure directory know as the SET (Secure Electronic Transaction)

On the contrary, some e-commerce sites allow customers to choose between different payment methods: with a credit card, cash on delivery, deposit account, etc.

What is SET?

What is SET?
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The SET standard – with digital certificates – is as revolutionary a concept as the credit cards themselves were in the 1960s, and will surely impose itself as quickly.

The credit cards participated together with other industry organizations in the development of a common technical standard that protects purchases paid with payment cards through open networks. This standard is known as SET (Secure Electronic Transactions). The SET standard, which includes digital certificates (a way to verify that the cardholder is the one who makes the purchase), will provide financial institutions, businesses, and suppliers with a new and safe way to make the most of the electronic commerce market.

The SET is designed with the purpose of securing and authenticating the identity of participants in purchases paid with payment cards in an online network, including the Internet.

The forms in which confidential information is requested (personal data, bank account number or credit card), can be made through a secure SSL server, in this way the communication between client-server travels encrypted.

By employing sophisticated cryptographic techniques, SET will make cyberspace a safer place to do business, and with its implementation, it is expected to stimulate consumer confidence in electronic commerce. The primary objective of SET is to keep the information strictly confidential, guarantee the integrity of the message and authenticate the legitimacy of the entities or persons that participate in a transaction, for pr specialists it is a challenge to teach these not so new practice into the receptivity of the user.

Characteristics of public relations in e-commerce

Characteristics of public relations in e-commerce
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Let’s start by knowing that e-commerce marketing is not going to change the way of doing business in the world, but has improved it to the point of Black Friday, the base of electronic commerce has almost all the qualities of an existing business such as:

– You can have your business open 24 hours.

– Sell ​​almost any service and product as well as export it.

– Reduce communication costs up to 80%.

– Reduce your prices to beat the competition.

– Almost or without rent from a local.

– Create catalogs or professional presentations.

– Reach an unlimited market of buyers and many more possibilities.

– Buy through mobile devices.

Considering that more and more people are accessing the internet the chances of success increase, of course, it depends a lot on PR strategies so see when it starts, the advantage that your company can have against the competition in the next three years is truly abysmal.

There is a significant factor in electronic commerce, which is, change persuasion for information, it may seem very simple, but people who browse the Internet look for the ease and convenience of acquiring products and services, looking for information, that is when public relations come in handy.

It is very simple that we usually do not accept changes, there is always a natural rejection that we all have towards new technologies, such as e-Commerce. That is why it is essential that with the experience of public relations helps a vision for the future of your company towards a world level of commerce by the hand of meaningful relationships with your audience.

E-Commerce is already part of our lives, and growing day by day, the best way to be part of this change is to be part of it as soon as possible. With the help of public relations, they make each day more safe, faster, efficient and above all available to more people around the world.