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How To Refresh The Image Of Your Website

Refresh The Image Of Your Website

How To Refresh The Image Of Your Website

Companies of the 21st century have to incorporate the change in their core; the first step for to it is through their landing page. Previously, a Web page was a luxury good – that until the democratization of access arrived with a notorious price reducing, SMEs and entrepreneurs are now driven to its implementation.

Transiting the massive demand for effective web design is a risky bet, which entails the streamlining of all the usual work processes in an agency. And one of the ways to accurately project a website, guarantee traffic and convey the message of a brand or product is through a partial or total renewal.

Our PR GoodNoon solution comes from a need for speed, knowing that tomorrow will be even more demanding. For that reason, we have compiled the following tips that we believe will help you to visualize that task. Pay close attention.

  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Resources

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Resources

Remember the premise that says “less is more,” that’s why to achieve a successful renewal it’s necessary to define the elements of the site that can hinder the browsing experience or those that represent uncomfortable processes for the user.

It is also essential to analyze the direct and indirect competitors and the feedback they have received from their users, this will give you a bit of information about what they like and dislike most. Perform tests to check if the bounce rate of your website increases with the use of pop-ups.

If you notice an adverse effect, delete them and place this information in another part of your site. Pop up is one of the most used tactics to get subscribers, it is also the most annoying for most users.

  1. Think Like A Client

Think Like A Client

As Forbes explains, the internal navigation through your website is vital, as it should offer the user a simple and complacent virtual experience. For this reason, establish how much effort and time users invest in your site to find what they are looking for, through usability tests.

  1. Take care of every detail

Take care of every detail

To choose the colors of your new design, it is imperative that you have your audience in mind: who are they? What is your average age? Are most men or women? Colors have a strong psychological influence on people.

  1. Avoid Visual ContaminationAvoid Visual Contamination

As we mentioned earlier, less is more. One of the big mistakes that are being made in web design, is to present irrelevant agglomerated information. The most advisable thing to do is to create a template that only contains functional and useful features for users.

  1. You can perform a survey to users that most frequent your site via mail, to probe which things of your site cause them conflict.
  2. Hide the long descriptions below the “more info” button to avoid distracting the user from the relevant information.
  3. Put Intuitive Design In Practice

Put Intuitive Design In Practice

Implementing an intuitive design on your website will allow users to spend a minimum of time understanding what service you offer them. The purpose is to structure an intuitive page, visible, pleasant and useful. The goal should be to achieve an intuitive, visible, attractive and helpful page. Highlight important words in bold and separate the menu bar from the content, so there will be a clear differentiation between titles and sections. Do not place the title too far from the main content of the page. Otherwise, the visual relationship will be lost.


In the light of the millennial consumption model, a lot of platforms have emerged, which satisfy that immediate desire with the formula of “Do It Yourself.” However, it implies an investment of time that many entrepreneurs, especially those on the rise, cannot afford. Given this, the number of users who demand high-quality work increases.

Unlike in other revolutions, the digital places human factor at the center. Since it is the one that adapts each web to the user’s tastes; The DIY hides a path of frustrations that only a team of professionals and years of experience in adapting to trends can save you from.

In GoodNoon we have carried out a redefinition in the processes of a PR agency to shorten the deadlines and get that reflected in the price. If you want to know more about our services, check the rest of our entries or go to our homepage: