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Why SEO is your company’s best friend

Why SEO is your company best friend

Why SEO is your company’s best friend

Ever since the appearance of the World Wide Web, the Internet has managed to infiltrate itself into worldwide culture and produce a significant alteration in the course of society; and consequently, all types of industries have undergone a fantastic development during the last few years where digital strategies used by the corporations determine the destiny of the entire world.

The most important aspect of the Internet age is not web development but online marketing; and particularly within this one, SEO – or what is the same thing: web positioning-, an essential role for the survival of any online business, just like yours is going to be.

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The reason d’être of digital marketing

Imagine the following scenario: An old school entrepreneur has finally given in and move the focus of his business towards the digital environment through a Web page. But there is a problem; the clients can’t manage to access the site quickly. That is, the company is invisible to the search engine, or worse, it appears on page 2…

In this context emerges the famous ‘digital profile,’ network professionals that have become essential when it comes to expanding your business: the professional of digital marketing or expert in SEO

According to Smart Insights, SEO is defined as one of the sciences of the virtual world capable of optimizing your web page to appear among the top positions of the search engines. Its importance derives that most companies are choosing to hire SEO positioning services, which is why SEO is one of the tools with the greatest potential due to the digital revolution. Because…who doesn’t want their company to appear in the first position?

Then, it’s necessary to hire an SEO expert, which that takes us to the next point.

Online businesses: the meteoric rise

The presence in the network is a factor that most companies, whether traditional or newly created, struggle with. However, the growth of online businesses is also seen in any field: from education (with the birth of online training) to the retail sector where it is increasingly common to start creating an online store before launching into the physical environment.

That is because, through an online business, the initial investment is minimal, making the path to success more accessible to the first-time entrepreneur who will only need to create his website, a scenario that is increasingly available to everyone thanks to tools such as WordPress or Wix, among others.

Finally, the rapid expansion of mobile devices does nothing but help this enormous rise in online business that in turn affects employment by converting it into digital.

The plan before a vertiginous panorama

Each year, new and relevant SEO trends emerge that you must take a loo with a magnifying glass to implement these tactics in your blog or website. In addition to quality content and good web design to meet the demands and needs of users, it’s necessary to be well regarded by the algorithms – which must be monitored continuously.

In GoodNoon we have summarized the necessary focus to obtain the success in the digital landscape in 3 simple aspects:

  1. Be clear about the objectives and bet ON simplicity: This action is summarized precisely by putting on the Website those things that are of real interest for your business. Then think about how to do things, how to work and what are your contacts.
  2. A design that responds to the collective demand: Your clients look for what the agency is doing if you continue to be consistent.
  3. Add creativity: People who find your web page, see what the business proposal or company is like, they learn about its values, what its services or products are and if it is indeed the convenient place they are looking for to make their purchase finally.

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