Written by Luis Johnson

The latest 6 trends in content marketing

The latest 6 trends in content marketing

The latest 6 trends in content marketing

Content marketing is always changing; It’s not something that you just establish and forget. With greater access to data as well as a better understanding of the preferences of your customers, you can always fine-tune your approach to content marketing.

In such a way that, those who are looking to know what marketing is now and what marketing is becoming, here at GoodNoon we share the emerging trends that have increased in popularity during the month.

  1. Tailor-made quality

In the information age, as an entrepreneur, you need a more sophisticated method of communication, one that speaks to the public on an individual level; in such a way that fits because expectations have developed and being relevant for what a buyer wants to know is the key.

The tailor-made quality according to your target audience also offers you an advantage over the competition.

  1. Niche brands with content

Some brands, to address the content saturation and stand out, become very detailed with their content with the purpose of attracting a more specific target audience. Finding this niche usually involves combining a service that suits you or a product that performs well, as well as a particular industry. That is, for instance, the case of the Cyberius a crypto company that has targeted the crypto niche as audience.

  1. Voice search will evolve

Screenless search is something that millions do every day. They only ask a question to their digital assistant without having to look at a smartphone or a PC. According to experts, voice search represents at least 20 percent of all searches, and the numbers are growing.

This element is causing a shift in the content because the way we talk is not always consistent with the way it’s written. Your marketing team will want to take the time to adapt the content to the search for natural language, which means including questions and answers.

To write in this style, go to a professional entity as a PR agency to help you study and use long tail keywords in titles and headings – to take advantage of “near” searches.

  1. The content should be concise

More extended content has a good performance organically, but you cannot expect the long material will be the right size for each buyer, especially those who connect with your brand on social networks.

Brief content works better for millennials, the generation with more buyers -who prefer videos and infographics to make decisions about other types of content.

The best way to take advantage of this trend is to use videos and infographics on social networks as well as on the channels where they target the demographic of the millennial population.

  1. Influencer marketing is evolving

Influencer marketing has been a source of excellent results for brands. That social proof is so via for buyers, they trust it much more than any other influential factor; In fact, many of the buyers rely on an individual recommendation about the brand.

According to Marketing Insider Group, the method of influencer marketing will remain the same. The difference will be in how brands use it.

While it may have been general thinking to get as many followers as possible in the past, now it should be about the quality as well as the reliability of the influencer.

  1. Strategy in streaming

It is clear that brands use video in content marketing; Millions of videos are made every day on almost any subject imaginable. The videos are not new, but live video is a subcategory that works for some brands.

With live video, there is still the possibility that what happens next is not written. A live video makes a lot of sense when your brand is in the world; live broadcast from your stand at a trade show, or show something of the field if that applies to your brand. Streaming offers you unique possibilities that are very attractive.

These are just some of the content marketing trends that will continue to develop during the rest of the year. These tendencies will fluctuate to the extent that the public is inclined towards one tool or another. But, our list presents clear ways to improve your content marketing so you can attract potential customers and new businesses for which you are working.

  1. Content should be authoritative

Search engines want to present the best and most authoritative content. This means your content should be well researched and cites and even links to other authoritative sources. This is how you can signal that your content is of high quality. 

Take for example the team at gaming site Mahjong-Challenge. They worked with historians to research the history of the game, and now have one of the most robust write-ups on the evolution of the game.