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Secrets to venture into social media marketing with Facebook like a pro

Venture into social media marketing with Facebook

Secrets to venture into social media marketing with Facebook like a pro

For a couple of years now, marketers have been plagued by the same question: “Is it possible to say that Facebook will cease to be an important social network in 2019?” Even in spite of everything that has happened since its algorithm change, and the many trends that will continue to appear, the response is still negative. According to statistical data collected by Hootsuite, Facebook is currently the third most visited page worldwide.

From the perspective of the platform as a business, it doesn’t appear that brands and advertisers plan to stop betting on this social network, only in the third quarter of the past year the firm received 13 thousand 539 million dollars in advertising revenue.

Therefore, the continuity of the work already done within the platform will be important, especially for the names that s invest in our work and other PR agencies. With that idea in mind, at GoodNoon headquarters we have identified the essential elements to consider for the digital marketing strategies of the said social network. Let’s start!

  • Combine your marketing strategy with the commercial objectives of the product or service

When working with Facebook, you can say that the options and possibilities are broad, which sometimes is a disadvantage because people can be overwhelmed by so many elements. To do it properly (working with Facebook in 2019) consider starting to form the social media marketing strategy so that it is aligned with the goals of the business.

Among the critical points to contemplate is to be as specific as possible, for example, if your goal for 2019 is to increase brand awareness, consider aligning this with a marketing objective such as increasing the number of Likes on the page (which you can achieve through ads). Also, you should consider generating engagement with your audience through the frequent use of quality content (which you can also promote with campaigns). The idea is that in your strategy you have goals such as reaching a certain number of Likes per month and a specific amount of interactions per content.

If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself “is my strategy short or long term?” Evaluate how you can improve your business based on the results of the previous year and question what you can do to make your business more attractive than the competition. From the answers to these approaches, you will be able to determine the “calls-to-action” and the relevant goals for your social media marketing of Facebook in 2019.

  • Invest wisely

On Facebook, organic reach and engagement are increasingly difficult to achieve; It is necessary to promote the posts that leave the pages with resources to reach beyond 1 or 2% of the total of the community.

Currently, within Facebook, it is not appropriate to put the maximum effort if no one will see these actions, and the most effective way to achieve this is to allocate resources to the platform. However, because everyone sees things that way, it has become increasingly necessary to invest wisely in resources to achieve success.

The above means that it is and will continue to be necessary to have a budget to generate campaigns and announcements for Facebook in 2019, but it will be even more important to know how to use it. It doesn’t make sense to spend 10 dollars promoting all the posts in the social network if you have an audience of 100 followers. In a scenario like this, it is advisable to earn those likes and increase the size of the community while promoting the post with external audiences. The ways of working intelligently with the budget can be diverse, for example, you can also resort to the development of A / B tests to find the right combination.

The ultimate goal of actions like these and similar ones is to ensure that the generation of results exceeds the costs to obtain a better return on investment. And as always, although there are entrepreneurs with knowledge and passion for experimentation, we always recommend that these types of strategies are planned and anticipated by an expert staff.

So, going to a PR agency could not only mean a more significant possibility of revenue but can save money currently going to unsuccessful activities. For more information don’t forget to check out the rest of our entries; If you want to contact us, go to our Homepage: