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5 Strategies To Get The Media Coverage Your Business Needs

In today’s world, getting your brand in front of as many people as possible is almost mandatory if you want to make a name for yourself and get your business off the ground. So whether you have whacky ideas or a revolutionary product, it’s crucial to find new ways to get your brand out there and increase visibility. Getting media coverage — whether that means writing press releases and sending them out to the media or getting interviewed on television, radio shows, or even news blogs — is an excellent way to achieve this goal. But with so many businesses trying this strategy at once, how can you stand out? 

Here are five strategies that will help you get the media coverage your business needs:

Create Content That’s Worth Talking About

Before sending emails, scheduling interviews, and pitching your story to the media, try to figure out what kind of content your company can produce that will be worth talking about. For example, suppose your company makes a new electric bike that’s a hybrid between a bike and a scooter. In that case, you might want to try and find a way to get a few of those bikes and take them on a journey across the country. In this way, they can be photographed and posted on social media. Or maybe your company owns a coffee shop, and you want to attract attention to your brand; try to create a coffee that gets people talking. If you succeed in creating content worth talking about, it will be much easier for you to get your story in front of the media.

Network With Reporters

Networking with reporters is another excellent way to get your business in front of many people. Reporters often write stories about interesting and unique people and businesses and network with them so you can get your story out there. Reach out to reporters covering your industry, whether in print, online, or radio and ask if they would be interested in interviewing you. If there’s someone you’ve always wanted to meet, ask them if you can network with them. Networking with reporters has a couple of advantages. First, once you’ve built a relationship with a reporter, they’ll likely be more willing to cover your story in the future or even recommend your story to other reporters. Second, reporters like to get their stories covered, so if you can offer them an exciting and exclusive story, they’ll likely be thankful and willing to cover it.

Hold Exclusive Events

If you’re trying to get the attention of a specific brand or publication but don’t know how to approach them, try hosting an exclusive event and inviting them to attend. You can host an event that relates to your industry, such as a networking event at a local bar with other entrepreneurs in the industry, a seminar at a local college, or a charity event. Hosting an event like this will put your business in front of many people and will likely get written about. If you manage to get the attention of a publication or brand that you want to work with but don’t know how to approach them, invite them to attend your event and ensure they’ll get exclusive access to the guest of honor, speakers, and other attendees.

Write Guest Posts

One way to increase your brand visibility and get your story in front of many people is to write guest posts for high-traffic blogs. Guest blogging is when someone writes a post for another website, usually exchanging links back to their website or a link to their articles. If you write a guest post for a popular website with a lot of traffic and an engaged following, your article will likely receive many views and shares. Plus, your article will be linked back to your website, increasing your website traffic and bringing you new leads and customers. While guest posting is a great way to get your story in front of many people and get media coverage, be careful not to abuse the strategy. Many people have abused the guest blogging strategy and have been shut down by various publications. Make sure you only write for high-quality publications and that your post is valuable and interesting.

Don’t Forget About Video Marketing

Getting your story out there doesn’t always have to be about writing. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and studies show that people pay attention to and remember videos much more than text. If your business is not interesting enough to pitch with a video, try making a funny video related to your industry and getting it in front of the media. If you’re new to video marketing, don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be perfect. All you have to have is a decent quality video and related to your product or service. Once you have your video, you can post it on social media, email it to publications, and even try to pitch it to TV shows. Just make sure to include all relevant links when you post your video so they will be able to link back to your website and start bringing in new leads and customers.


Getting media coverage is an excellent way to get your brand in front of many people and get new customers. To get media coverage, however, you must first create content worth talking about, network with reporters, host exclusive events, write guest posts, and don’t forget about video marketing. Doing so will help you get the media coverage your business needs and bring in new leads and customers.

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