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7 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips for Targeting Millennials in 2019

7 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips for Targeting Millennials in 2019

69.9 million US millennials accessed social media networks in 2012. As of 2018, this figure was estimated to have reached 76.8 million, according to reports by Statista.

Globally, hundreds of millions of adults including millennials spend considerable time on social media, in front of the TV and interacting with digital technology via different devices and channels.

For instance, the Pew Research Center reports that 51% of US adults use social media access via Facebook several times a day. This number may include times at work, lunch, school, etc.

The chart below shows Frequency of Social Media Access by US Adults


Businesses aren’t left out either. As of Q3 2018, there were over 80 million Facebook business pages owned and operated by SMBs, 6 million of which are active advertisers on Facebook. Hootsuite reports that 98% of B2C companies and 89% of B2B firms use FB.

Long dwell times per visit, user-generated content and deep engagement as seen with social networks like Facebook create a conducive ecosystem for both commence and continue.

Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and other major social networks all collect massive adult users, individually and collectively. Other interesting social media marketing statistics go to great lengths to highlight the evolution and increasing importance of SMM for discerning marketers.

In this post, I’ll highlight 7 smart and simple ways to better target and market your products or services to adults, especially millennials.

Meanwhile, let’s compare:

Marketing Then and Now

Pre-internet marketing relied heavily/totally on the print advertisement, radio jingles, television advertisement, word of mouth referrals, etc. Even though these are still valid marketing options in 2019, none can quite beat Facebook’s 2 billion-plus user base, for instance.

According to Evelyn Elhuebose

“Digital marketing is vital for modern businesses because the internet and especially social media play a significant role in how today’s consumer makes purchase decisions.”

Why Brands Use Social Media

  • Broadly speaking, brands use social media marketing for:
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand promotion
  • Brand visibility
  • Lead acquisition
  • Lead nurturing
  • Driving conversion
  • Driving conversation
  • Customer engagement

That makes it imperative for businesses to not only have an online presence but to maximize it. One of the ways to maximize SMM is proper audience targeting, in this case; targeting millennials.

And Who are Millennials, and Why Do They Matter to Brands SMM?

The millennials are those born during the “dot-com boom” between 1981-2000 (Steadman, 2008); they’re also referred to as digital natives (Palfrey & Gasser, 2008). This population speaks “digital” and makes up a large portion of adult social media users.

Since they’re born into, live and breathe “digital,” millennials spend a significant amount of their time online on:

  • Social networks
  • learning
  • freelancing
  • browsing, surfing
  • coding
  • gaming
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Shopping and Shop Hopping,

or just messing around with their connected devices.

Recent reports state there are now more American millionaires than people living in Sweden. A good portion of this newly rich are millennials. Plus, 53% of millennials say they expect to become millionaires someday.

And in case you’re still wondering why millennials, here are:

10 More Reasons Why Social Marketers Should Target Millennials

  1. Billions use social media, 76.8m US millennials in 2018 alone,
  2. 51% of American adults visit social media frequently, daily,
  3. They spend good time online and in social networks,
  4. Many are earning more,
  5. And also spending more, some on impulse, some to impress
  6. Some pay only to show off on social media
  7. Some are moving out to their own houses
  8. Some are settling down and building their families
  9. Some are founding and setting up new businesses
  10. Your competitors are likely targeting them because they are the market of the future, etc.

Now, here are:

7 Smart and Simple Ways to Better Target Millennials with Social Marketing

Social media marketing is broad and often requires a good strategy to succeed and bring ROI. If your target market is millennials, do the following:

1. Figure Out Millennial Share of Your Market

Figure out your current market size and determine what percentage are millennials. That is a vital part of internal KYC.

Such a goal can be achieved in several ways including looking through your customer data/archives, online survey, even Facebook Polls. For this, you can give a small incentive like bonus points, coupons, etc.

This will give valuable insight into your market composition. From here you can proceed to the next phase which is:

2. Research and Learn More About Millennials/Millennial Marketing Trends

Now that you know your target market size, it is time to take a deep dive and find out even more about them.

While researching about the millennials in your market, keep an eye out for anything that grabs attention. That means their tastes, earning power, spending habits, etc.

This way you’re on your way to building the perfect patron persona for your business. While at it, don’t forget to:

3. Think like a Millennial

Put yourself in their shoes. For instance, what does it feel like to be a millennial from a poor developing country?

This you can learn by interacting with people from such backgrounds who currently live there. You can also plan a fact-finding field trip to see for yourself.

In any case, wearing your customer’s shoes will help you better tell where it pinches. You can also:

4. Learn Your Competitor’s Millennial Social Marketing Strategy

Yes. If your competitors are successfully using social media to target millennials, then you should understudy their social media strategy.

Find out:

  • What sort of content do they post, text, photos, videos, podcast or a mix of all?
  • How often do they post a day, a week?
  • What time of day do they post?
  • Which posts are the post with the most likes, shares, engagement?
  • Which hashtags perform better?
  • What kinds of contests or giveaways work?

Learn all you can, then take all you learned and go feed on it.

5. Create More Millennial Focused Content

Content drives search; search engine or social. Whether you’re sharing blog posts, quotes, memes, GIFs, infographics, photos, videos or podcasts; keep it millennial-focused.

That way you increase your chances of being found via multiple channels. This will boost organic traffic as well as retention rates.

Helpful content that helps your millennial subscribers solve problems millennials face will endear them to you.

6. Hire a Millennial Social Media Marketer

Nobody knows “millennials” like a millennial. A millennial who knows digital marketing can help drive your millennial digital marketing campaign.

From content to contacts, they may have everything you need to build a solid social marketing strategy targeted at their kind.

For your millennial customers or subscribers, it could inspire them to see a fellow millennial in charge. Interactions could feel like peer-to-peer communication.

7. Hire More Millennial Influencers or Celebrities

Millennials and teenagers tend to love celebrities; and for a good reason, one of which is that celebs appear successful.

Influencer marketing has been a trend for some time. Employing the help of celebrities like Kylie Jenner can be costly.

If you’re targeting millennials, target millennial influencers like them or influencers they like, that is within your budget.


Millennial marketing isn’t rocket science. However, there is a learning curve towards mastery.

Just remember to:

  1. Figure out how many of your customers are millennials
  2. Learn more about millennials and millennial marketing
  3. Think like a millennial
  4. Learn your competitor’s millennial social marketing strategy
  5. Create more millennial-focused content
  6. Hire a millennial social media marketer
  7. Hire millennial influencers or celebs

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