Written by Luis Johnson

Effective online-marketing strategies for April 2019

Effective online-marketing

Online marketing strategies and SEO continue to show year after year its high effectiveness within the industry. However, the rules that dictate its performance are changing and evolving at a vertigo speed.

That’s why it’s so important to stay informed about the latest news, and from GoodNoon we make sure it stays that way. So what are the keys to effective online marketing in April 2019?

Finding naturality within the codes

It’s a fact that Google’s algorithms are getting smarter every day. Therefore, more than wanting to deceive them, the keyword to approach it is “naturality.” That’s why titles, subtitles, and snippets (the snippets of content that are reflected in Google’s search results) require special care and attention. Choose keywords carefully and also consider that searches by voice and images are also increasing.

Support and quality standards

As stated by Forbes, the regular quality check of the website is essential for both the Google appraisal and the user experience. As entrepreneurs or marketers, we must bear in mind that everything that has to do with online work today involves a high degree of relocation. Many days the office will be your home, a cafeteria, or a park.

Therefore, remote work has to be a tool to help you and increase your production thanks to its flexibility. You must count on quality software so that the work doesn’t suffer the consequences of these conditions. In this way, you can work and correct urgent situations without excuses. Of course, you can save time and headaches if you turn to a PR agency to manage the content production area on behalf of your company, brand, product or service, as a GoodNoon does.

Make the most out of mobile platforms

Another point that should be highlighted is the promotion on social networks. Nowadays social media is a primary instrument of diffusion with billions of users, with the great advantage that they are entirely free.

If you manage to promote your content on social networks effectively, you will have a lot of earned ground. To this, we add the less common social platforms, such as forums and platforms designed for specific communities, such as Reddit. The decentralized initiatives (our specialty) standout in this area, since they continually nourish themselves being able to connect with their target audience on an emotional level.

Analysis of the KPIs

Additionally, keeping track of your results and KPIs, to find what works best for you and outline your offer accordingly, is also highly recommended. It should be noted that it is necessary to always have an eye on the competition and the implementations that are taking place in the area of ​​online marketing.

Context Marketing & SEO

This is a little-mentioned category within content marketing, but it is one of the most critical elements in the middle of the information saturation era. Communicating at the right time for the user to decide to buy your product or acquire your services is the main idea behind the Context Marketing concept.

Let’s say that, if there’s a potential client that knows your brand thanks to social media promotions, that means treatment required will be different from that of a potential client that visits one of your physical stores.

Calculated evolution

In marketing, acting without strategy is like navigating adrift. A strategy aimed at the brand will leave many things clear from which the rest of the work can be completed.

Each advertising or marketing agency is in charge of generating a plan and in turn a manual to work with each client. In this strategy we must define the objectives for which we are working in the first place, mention the actions to follow from each objective and also foresee situations, generating strategies to get out of a possible crisis.

It is a quite complex and complete document that serves the client, the agency and the workers. Therefore, if an agency is supporting you, a plan is an obvious requirement to expect from its team.

At GoodNoon, before starting to work with a brand, organization or individual, we usually have a strategy based on previous meetings. Of course, within this dynamic, our team of experts measures the options that obtain greater success, because although planning is essential, it remains flexible to the circumstances.