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Good Media coverage of Your Start up

Good Media coverage of Your Start up

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is when you finally start your company. You know that you have started the company with some trustworthy people who are beside you when you have no solid stage set. Now your aim is to drive attention towards your company in the market. If you are in a business where there have been big players before you, you may feel all the more intimidated. But let’s say you have the product which will set you apart from the rest. For example, there are many PDF Readers available in the market, and some of them very renowned like Adobe. But with Foxit PDF Reader, we have an added advantage of being able to edit and highlight portions and even make notes beside them. This unique feature of Foxit sets it apart from the rest. So, even if you already possess that unique feature in your company, it’s time for you to let your name be known in the market.

It used to take a lot of time and effort in the pre-internet age to bring name to a company. You would need contacts and opportunities which would help you break your path gradually. This Herculean task has become comparatively much easier now. With the advent of the huge network of social media, advertising for your company takes some strategy and you will have a name in the market! It is important to reach out to your target audience through different mediums, be it advertising in the local newspaper, calling for a press release, promoting your product in your acquaintances and a lot more. Let us get into some details as to what steps you can take for your breakthrough and what are the perks involved with them.


Press Release
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You can call for a press meet to bring out your product in front of the world. The professionals in the media are much inquisitive and let you talk about your business to the rest of the world through their wide chains of contacts. They ask you questions relevant to your business and what you have to offer to the world. Then they publish your story in a way that becomes relatable to your audience. So, releasing your product in a press meet is quite a solid start to your advertising scheme.


Individual Journalist
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Another way to bring your start up in the limelight is to write your story to an individual journalists and why you want them to bring your product in front of the world. If your story is something they catch upon, they make it a point to publish your story in their own beautiful ways so that your company hits a large target group and they are attracted to invest in your product. Now and then we see in newspapers and newsletters, stories about new companies bringing in innovative ideas, and they do inspire us. Your story too can be one of them if you invest in good story telling by journalists who are at the top of their games. One such agency which can bring you in contact with such journalists is Media Coverage . You can put out your story in their website and their journalists will present your story in a way so that it gets wide coverage, which would help you fetch your clients in future.


Get yourself out to events
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You can enrol your company’s name in different business summits which go in now and then. Coming out in events and making public relations in such summits with relevant people who are in the same position as you or have seen much more than you in the market will only add up to your experience and connections. These networks at times act as the booster of your business model. In business, it is very important to be in the right place at the right time. This way, once you have made a place for yourself, you may get called to various events in business schools or other colleges to share your story or give talks to the audiences. These platforms are brilliant in lifting up your game. Firstly, because, the audience mostly consists of people who are willing to look up to you, hence once you talk about your product, they will make it a point to visit your website and learn about your company. Secondly, even any one of them find your product interesting, may become a potential customer.


Using Social Media to the fullest
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Social media is a very powerful tool in today’s world. If you can use social media to promote your product, firstly from your acquaintances and then gradually increasing the number of shares on your post, you can create a broad base of customers who will be interested in your product. Many a times, potential journalists also follow social media to get inspiring stories. So your story can just be the one which can grab the limelight through right reporting. Many businesses hire employees to work only on the social media front. Being in the age of social media has made your work of coverage much easier. Companies like Nykaa have made it big only through multiple ads on social media.

Sustaining your company in the world where you have competitors all around you ready to snatch your idea and place it in a better way, you have to work on the advertising model of your company. Regular media coverage and reviews on your company can bring you in the eye of potential clients. Important must-dos in your strategy are reaching out to journalists, buying space in newspapers and outsourcing your advertisement to a media company. Many well known informative online media companies present are Huffpost, Forbes etc. But taking a space in their pages can be a lot for a new entrepreneur. So, for starters you can approach companies like Media Coverage, which promote meaningful business stories and help medium and small industries make it big gradually.