Written by Luis Johnson

The keys for implementing a SEO Branding strategy

Implementing a SEO Branding

At GoodNoon we have talked a lot about how to rank your company among the top positions in the search engines, it’s necessary to opt for a well-defined strategy. That is, analyze the functioning of their algorithms thoroughly and start working based on that premise. However, the results of the upcoming projects point to a specific line of work, and that is SEO Branding.

Beyond the combination of two terms (Branding and Search Engine Optimization), understanding this practice provides brands with two clear factors that determine a “before and after” in their marketing approach:

  • Achieving a more efficient natural positioning is possible.
  • There is always a “better way” to make your brand appear in the search top.

The mechanics of SEO Branding

It is said that SEO Branding combines visibility, authority and brand level, managed proportionally. That’s why, when the branding is compelling, your domain will acquire authority for Google; which will cause any SEO action to affect the search results automatically.

This model responds to the formula where people who look for your brand or your products by name, are probably consumers located in the last line of the purchase funnel, the closest to making a purchase.

Recent Google studies supported this theory because they suggest that compared to keywords that don’t include the name of a brand, the ones that incorporate it have a double higher conversion rate. Therefore, by optimizing the presence of your brand’s keywords, you will be optimizing an element that will provide your business with twice as many conversions.

The ideal standard

Regardless of whether you are the brand representative, sales executive or associated marketer, your priority is based on the product or service being found customers; so you are trying to serve your market continuously in order to reach the target. However, the ultimate standard is that they are the ones who find you – and applying the principles of SEO Branding, that scenario is possible.

As the Search Engine Journal explains, the primary objective of this movement is for your brand to become synonymous with reference and authority – and not just a good contender – for the user to find it at any stage of its conversion funnel.

The development of the strategy

Currently, most users conduct online research before moving on to purchase. And that is one of the reasons why SEO positioning is so important. However, you cannot forget that this phenomenon brings with it several factors that elevate the user experience.

Such standards are encompassed in the portion of the strategy aimed at reputation. That image that users have of the brand which determines the final impression that marketing actions have had.

In GoodNoon, while working with any client, we like to focus on direct extensions of reputation, among which are:

  • Value contents: Interesting, relevant, useful and optimized for SEO. So that they can answer specific questions from the user base in each of the stages of their purchase process.
  • Website: Your portal needs fluid and optimized navigation to generate more traffic and retain the current one.

Once again, your brand must represent authority and trust for both your business and your target audience. The SEO Branding strategy is carried out when both profiles are taken care of at the right time and with the relevant piece of content.

The two scenarios

There are two ways to become visible on the Internet with your brand and two plausible scenarios from where to start implementing a SEO Branding strategy. The first is when your name or the name of your brand is already occupied by a famous person whom Google’s algorithm considers relevant for users. The second is when your brand is unique and, at the moment, you don’t know anyone who has a presence with the same name.

Although the second scenario presents a clear path for the promotion of your brand, in the first the objective is to prove the search engine that your initiative provides more value than the one currently occupying the position. To do so, you must use the following activities:

  • Optimize the description of your website where you explain who you (as a company or brand) are.
  • Use WordPress plugins to improve your content.
  • Optimize the texts of all the pages of your website.
  • Include your name or that of your brand in the title of the page.
  • Choose the name of your social networks well.
  • And finally, create a well-articulated business blog.

Of course, if you want to save time and support your SEO Branding strategy in the experience, and have clients that might be interested in this as well, you can partner with us.