SEO 2020: The real value of Marketing Communications

  Written by Angel Mora

marketing communications

In just 3 months 2020 caught everyone by surprise, bringing to light a reality that for a long time the entire world population has been trying to ignore: The system to which our society is dependent was always vulnerable to collapse (at least partially). We see it in the news, all over social media, and reflected in the economy. Meanwhile, marketing communications managed to emerge as one of the few industries flexible enough to offer entrepreneurs new opportunities for getting their businesses afloat.

What is considered to cover the marketing communications area as of today? Every approach meant for taking advantage of the online influence held by a brand’s Internet presence. Therefore, If there’s such a thing as the best moment to launch new products and services, that would be just now.

For those of you dying to know all about the marketing communications system alongside the intricacies for applying them in your daily business life, I have prepared a detailed guide with lots of advice and interesting data from Media Coverage’s marketing expert team.

The ultimate opportunity

I am well aware of how a statement like “this is the perfect time for sales” could come off as pretentious, absurdly aspirational, or plain innocent; but it is supported by hard facts:

  • At least a third of the world’s population is currently crowded in their homes, which is increasing dramatically the web traffic flow, as reported by the NY Times.
  • Experts believe the playing field has been leveled for all merchants in the quest to capture user attention, with data like the 14.34 billion visits to retail platforms according to Statista.
  • Internet shopping is emerging as the number 1 trend for 2021 with an increase of 38% as opposed to 2019 figures.

As you can see, we’re living in the perfect environment to run a digital venture, as long as the promotional efforts are put onto approaching the audience from a utility perspective. That is, only entrepreneurs who successfully demonstrate that their product or service is the solution to people’s problems will be victorious.

The key lies in the implementation of cross-marketing strategies based on adaptable concepts for different reach-out scenarios regarding end-customers.


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The real importance of marketing communications

The endurance of a developing project is profoundly linked to the number of sales they can achieve during their first year. And it has already been established that entities have the same opportunities in the virtual landscape to make it happen.

However, keep in mind that the purchasing decisions in your target audience start from the understanding they hold of your company. And it will be up to you or your team choosing the identity to assume and how much it would be shown to the public. It is at this point that the marketing communications strategy comes into play

Like any other strategy, the management of marketing communications should follow the standard planning parameters that endeavor to enhance a brand image within a predetermined period under the premise of executing coordinated actions via separate channels at the same time. That is as depending on whether they manage to transmit a cohesive message or not — then proceeding to evaluate and refine it throughout the plan.

And just as well, these measures would translate not only into favorable numbers and trustworthy projections for that product you’re about to launch next or the expansion of your service catalog but even more importantly, you will have amassed a knowledgeable community and online presence.

But to get a bigger picture, let’s see what a marketing communications plan should look like in 2020…

Fundamental concepts of modern marketing

  1. To avoid the traditional formats, I decided to arrange the points as questions brand leaders ask the most, so you can either cross out the bases that have been covered or reinforce the weak sections instead.

    These are the top 3 marketing communications strategies today:

    • Digital Marketing: This is the perspective from which the rest of the specialized ramifications arise. As its name implies, it is about positioning your brand in the digital market.
    • Content Marketing: In this strategy, generate thematic content fitting their industry and implementing a narrative that will be shared by their audience. The goal here is building loyalty around the offer and amass sales leads from all interaction platforms.
    • Inbound marketing: The most outstanding feature of this method is that it is a converged modality focused on capturing the user’s interest combining the principles of content marketing, backlinking, as well as the application of social media campaigns.

    Having made this clear, we can move on to the practical section of the article.

  1. Do you know what your standing point is?

You cannot start this journey without having a full picture of your company’s current market stage. 

Depending on the industry, budget, as well as what has been done so far in media terms, your brand may or may not fall in specific areas that will necessarily define the procedure.

Accordingly, it is a good idea to perform a series of analyses on the advantages and disadvantages of similar solutions in the field, the demands or doubts of your target audience, your brand reputation (if your company is not a newcomer in the world digital), among other elements.

2. Are your goals achievable?

Different ventures are bound to achieve different objectives. For example, at this moment I wish that this guide helps you because that way you will be more receptive to the rest of my content in the future. But for utility brands, the needs are much more complex and it is very easy to lose track when lacking some discipline.

My advice would be to start from the basics:

  • “What would be the ideal situation for my company for 2 years from now?”
  • “What would it mean for my business to achieve that goal?”
  • “Does this aspiration respond to a real need or are there more convenient scenarios?”

In short, it is about identifying deficiencies and strengths within your initiative and working around them.

3. Will you be reaching out to the correct audience?

According to Forbes, the main reason startups fail is the fact that a majority of them are trying to engage the wrong target. We all know this scenario; It is the most feared and at the same time the most realistic.

Countless times, brands come to Media Coverage looking for advice; and at the moment they pitch me their idea I can tell there is a much-needed reevaluation of the buyer persona profile.

Let’s remember that the true target audience is the one who, statistically speaking, is more receptive to offers like yours.

i.e., financial initiatives usually work best with a target over the age of 30 since the late millennial population presents a high tendency to share with their colleagues and close friends info about a message they have just received. 

On the one hand, keep in mind that the more specific your target is, the more you will succeed in creating a personalized subtext. Besides, studies show specificity in marketing has universal qualities.

On the other hand, a sure way to grasp the behavior of your target users is to study their daily routine; something perfectly visible on social networks. Spaces like forums, Facebook groups, and other communities related to your company have quite extensive insight. From there you can create a prototype of the typical day of your buyer persona. Which brings us to the next point…

4. What is the correct message to promote from your company?

People connect with human emotions, not an ad. That’s why your brand – even on a digital level – must have its own voice for it to resonate in the conscience of the people receiving the information. Such info must perfectly convey the brand’s vision and that of the entire team behind it.

There is all the real work! Base it on the previous points and develop a distinct idea that you can capture in different creative and original approaches that motivate users to participate and replicate.

5. What communication platforms does your company have?

Generating valuable content to increase your visibility and promote yourself is paramount in inspiring credibility. Therefore you will need more than just a blog; although the fact that there are a thousand channels to be in doesn’t mean you must dab in all of them.

For example, a corporate account on Instagram, a weekly column in a news blog or a Linkedin profile contribute different things, and they are not always necessary in the same strategy.

6. What is the deadline to achieve the established objectives?

This section will depend on the resources factor — and I am not referring only to the economic aspect but also to time and effort.

It is extremely important to specify the action period, duration, and rotation of the campaigns or the frequency of publication if you want to focus on content marketing.

That’s right, even creativity and disposition respond to deadlines. But don’t worry, more than a limitation, it is going to help you optimize efforts. Take into consideration if yours is a small, medium, large company or on the contrary, a one-person initiative.

7. What indicators do you plan to follow-up?

No plan can be one without a follow-up tactic, even after having reached the goals in the established time. The reason for this is that digital media campaigns and the possibilities for message replication are endless.

Fortunately, the Web is a constant source of data and there is a multitude of tools designed to produce metrics. Consequently, you should be able to obtain from this study the exact information on the impressions, the level of engagement (based on reactions), sales, subscriptions, and resources employed.

You can even include the customer journey system in the equation, and identify the steps that users take (source page, explored pages, categories, and preferred products or services) before making the purchase.

The results can be utilized to improve the measures taken and applied in future communication strategies.

This is what the 2021 market will look like for companies

As suggested throughout the article, companies are bound to diversify their methods for connecting with users. Because of this, taking your brand image to a new level requires you to incorporate allied platforms and mentions into the plan.

Better known as Earned Media (a resource we talked about earlier in our article Earned Media for business growth [with contact sheet of top media journalists]), this resource implies that the opinions others have about your company can be adopted as part of the marketing scheme.

Also, taking the essence of traditional PR and combining them with new technologies and trends, the value of opinion leaders for brands has skyrocketed. Although these are indeed influencing figures, these individuals and platforms hold a much more precious element and that is authority. This segment includes media outlets, as well as specialized blogs.

For their part, content marketing and the elements that make up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) take an increasingly marked route towards the mapping of interest. With this, you will access the power to segment contacts and reinforce key aspects of the main program.


The purpose of this guide is only to provide you specific tools to take as a starting point in your brand’s positioning process.

 The great advantage that marketing communications have over other takes such as public relations (direct dealing with external media) or advertising (explicit promotion), is that it is accessible to offers of all kinds with the full creative freedom to adjust.

 Once you have established a precedent, you can incorporate the previous modalities. But in the meantime, if you want to save yourself the time and effort required to plan a marketing communications strategy, you can perfectly collaborate with our team of professionals who generate the content, distribute it and also perform the metrics of those strategies.

Media Coverage as an agency has a group of experts with years of experience in the field who have arranged their services in a series of packages that you can see in detail in our pricing section.

Until then, feel free to check out the rest of our content where we cover more bases within the spectrum of what is digital marketing.