Written by Luis Johnson

What To Do When It’s Time To Move Into A Bigger Office

Time To Move Into A Bigger Office

If you’re considering moving into a larger office, then congratulations! You’ve done so well as a business and overseen such growth that you now need to expand. That’s highly commendable, so let’s think about what you need to do now it’s time to relocate to a more spacious environment.

There is a range of benefits to moving to a larger space; you can increase your team numbers, enjoy a less restricted area to work in, and create a more welcoming space for future customers and clients to visit. You should feel excited about what the future holds and to turn the page onto a new chapter in the expansion of your company.

Trust The Experts

When it comes to moving into a larger office, then think very seriously about contacting the people who have done this one hundred times over and who help businesses move every single day. Make your life easier by perusing and gaining insight into the experience of other movers and their use of different moving companies.

If you can alleviate hassle and stress in such places, then, by all means, go ahead and put your trust in the specialists. Professional movers will do all the hard work for you so that you can concentrate on other areas of transporting your business.

Don’t Overcrowd

Now that you’ve freed up some extra space in your new premises, enjoy it!

Try to avoid the temptation to fill every gap with fittings and furnishings. Instead, try a minimalistic look and allow for breathing space. If you’re concerned that the new office will look barren, then think about adding large strategically placed plants and flowers to improve air quality and to help add to a more tranquil office setting.

If you have equipment that’s surplus to requirement, then you can always think about selling it online, or alternatively, donating it to charity.

Approximate Costs

Make a list of all expenses, and how much you plan to spend. Calculate all costs and bear this figure in mind when receiving estimates and quotes. Moving into a larger office is very likely going to come with an appropriate price tag, but you can save money along the way and begin to put a little extra money aside for any mishaps and unforeseen circumstances.

By doing this, you’re far less likely to be caught out when something doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Create a budget and avoid little hidden extra and charges by being aware, as they have a tendency to crop up in places you didn’t even know existed.

Measure Up

Get your measuring tape at the ready, and record the dimensions of every piece of furniture that’s moving with you. Think about what is going to go where, and whether it really will fit, and comfortably at that. Since you’re moving into a larger office, the chances are that all or most of your items will fit into the space, but as aforementioned, you don’t want to overcrowd your new set-up.

Don’t forget to take into account awkward spaces such as chimney breasts, and whether certain items will look out of place in square and rectangularly shaped rooms.