Top 5 Media Coverage methods to put my business in the news

  Written by Angel Mora

my business in the news

Regardless of the nature of the business (a technology startup, financial initiative, or a service company), as an entrepreneur, you are bound to participate in an aggressive economy where there are no half measures: Either you win or you lose.

Amid the eradication of things like opening hours, face-to-face sales, and purchase days, you have to reach and engage customers who have an infinite amount of solutions at their disposal:

  • According to Telegraph‘s portal, technological advances have reduced the overall attention span as well as average in user memory by 2020 to critical levels.
  • As stated by Growcode, referrals are currently the biggest conversion force for online commerce, with a 98% effectivity rate.
  • Meanwhile, it is reported that at least 78% of location-based mobile searches culminate in sales, with content marketing as the main responsible.

Therefore, in this stage of search and discovery of new information, what is are the best methods to achieve relevance?

If I had been asked this question a few years ago, I may have given various answers, all related to advertising. While it is true that the latter is the basis of any successful strategy, in turbulent times as we’re living right now there is a prime method for me: placing my business in the news. And that is one of the many valuable lessons I learned along the way and intend to share with you today in this blog now it has become more prominent than ever.

Below, and as part of the Media Coverage agency’s effort to provide an increasingly wide range of solutions and content, here is a new practical 5-step guide to take the first step toward positioning your brand in an external media following the lines of a previous marketing plan.

The new sales funnel

Terms such as content creation and publicity have become very popular these days with precepts and a structure that has been accustomed as part of the collective culture. 

That said, constant changes in the pace of social development have caused much more frontal dynamics in consumption.

For example, the fundamentals of marketing respond to spreading relevant information, conveying a message, inspiring final action, and building loyalty. In addition to that, and as we already know, online modalities give us access to features such as dialogue and interaction for better control in the public’s attention span.

However, if you’re planning on taking the visibility of your product or service even further, the most common tactic is to rely on influential figures such as a specialized opinion platform – this method is known as news mentioning.

Let’s keep in mind that as a concept, the mention made by media outlets imply:

Your brand or company is receiving a referral in the digital channel of one or several Web spaces – mentions that your machinery has the capacity to massify according to the management of social networks and SEO strategies as well as the current public perception of the offer.

Having the ability to put my business in the news would have an even bigger impact on the process behind customers purchasing decisions – in the case of a fledgling company, it might implicate putting it on the map for the first time.

Remember, news portals represent a means to satisfy the interest and the need for online users to stay updated and aware of their immediate world. Of course, it is important that it be received spontaneously.

What we are looking for is to generate buzz, benefiting from the credibility level, the viewers and the receptivity that paid features cannot achieve. That is where the path towards the conversion funnel gets a little tricky. 


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my business in the news

The arts and crafts of media mentioning

Of course, coordinating the presence of my business in the news – in this case, your business – involves an effort from the ​​Public Relations team, who would then proceed to take care that not only the mention takes place with PR clipping but also boosts the company’s reputation and help to build a long-term bridge with journalists and editors.

For this, it is necessary to anticipate and define what the objectives that you want to achieve are, which depending on the state of development your company is found, can respond to the following:

  • Holding an intensive distribution of the message.
  • Achieving a higher sales volume.
  • Giving a recognizable and remarkable face to the brand.
  • Nurture the interest of potential customers.

I want to delve into this last section. The specific division of the population to which you should always appeal when launching your brand, product, or service to the market is the “pioneer” individual, as well as early adopters.

The reason is that these groups are the ones prone to display a real interest as long as they find novelty within your offer; i.e. The recent Xiaomi boom outside Asian territory. If you as a brand leader somehow manage to insert your brand in the media and generate buzz, be sure that this type of clientele will immediately reach your website and social media accounts.

Also, besides the offer itself (which must hold and demonstrate quality), the mention from means obtained should powerful enough to convince the receiver as a news-worthy event and provide an answer to their problem.

It is at that point what I call the word-to-click comes to play: the engaged user will begin to talk about what he saw to others either through a tweet, forum or by sharing the news piece. They, in turn, will replicate the message further exposing your business.

Having covered all the bases, it is time to create a plan to put them into practice…

These are the 5 Steps to position my business in the news

  1. Take advantage of PR resources to deepen the impact of media mentioning

First of all, it is necessary to count on every detail of what’ been done so far. In other words, perform an evaluation of the storyline available today surrounding the brand. This identity is what ultimately will be redirected to the indicated publications and ultimately, the ideal clientele exerting a larger impact on the purchase route.

Yes. It’s all about appearances – kind of. The number of mentions you receive will be supported by the narrative that your company has decided to portray and share from its own platforms. 

Accordingly, entertainment is the key, so if you want to connect your brand with a narrative, it should create interest not only for online users but for the medium in which you’re set to appear

What are the most significant aspects of your brand? Perhaps it is the launch of a new line of products or features, there has been a recent event in which your company participates, or you are engaging in a social movement Nike style.

As you can see, the purpose behind all of this is to identify the potential news within your marketing equation, translating into a conversation all over the Internet or the first step for a pitch.

In this section, it is time to take out the heavy artillery. Here elements such as keywords matter, the language used should mirror that of audiences’ (analyzed under a previous market study), which will lead to unanimous representation in the brand’s digital platforms.

Once they take place, this “news shoutout” will appear immediately in the search results whenever someone enters your company’s or looks for this particular event. Hence, if users want to delve into the topic, your website and social media accounts must count on content.

  1. Establishing a plan

The road is clear. You already have a narrative worthy of the public’s attention as well as the media’s, and your team knows how far to go with it – needless to say, transparently. Now, we need to focus on where the pitch will go, what the story outlines.

Start by creating a database with the top sites in which you want to appear. These channels have to be ideal but realistic choices: variety and opinion domains, informative web shows, purely streaming news channels are on the table as long as they target your buyer persona.

The list of mediums is supposed to take into account what has been the most recent marketing movements made by other companies in the field. You can perform this task using allies that don’t represent direct competition.

Affiliate brands or individual collaborators usually use this resource as well, so they can give you more ideas about the ideal destination for your pitch. Here you will test your skills to connect with your peers.

Talking from experience, a well-channeled effort can lead you to even greater possibilities than those you can picture right now.

  1. Start the tactics

This is, of course, the most crucial moment in this entire process. It is about giving a green light to all the actions you have planned, among which the pitching stands out. Personally, and to facilitate this task, I usually create a model format that can be easily adapted and sent by mail.

What does a perfect pitch look like? This is a question that depends solely on your take and the tone of the company. However, a winning approach is always the one that initiates the pitch by displaying the track record of both the spokesperson (you) and the firm. If there is such thing a perfect time to NOT be humble, this is it.

Mention the things you have achieved as an entrepreneur when developing your initiative and everything it took to get there, as well as the names of your collaborators and links in other media that have been produced organically (perhaps some feature on authority blogs).

Next, you have to present the message. That would be, the reason why your brand is a synonym of news (at this point, you will appreciate having created a base format that lends itself to a unique pitch every time). An important detail is that this should not be an isolated and improvised action.

Let me put it this way:

When I started my own business, I knew that the pitching process would take a considerable amount of time, effort, and patience. If I remember correctly, I created 30 different pitches for 30 media outlets, of which I ended up using 27; later obtaining the response of only 3 over the course of a week.

Did that discourage me? Quite the opposite! It showed me I was taking the right path and how designing a series of segmented and coordinated strategies really pays off. Of course. As long as the media is really interested in what you have to tell, you move onto having a second follow-up. You better be creative and have more options in store!

After that, in order to ensure the success of a pitch, have schedules, days, and frequency established. If you want to speed up this whole process, consider automating the method – although that may make it less personalized.

That being the case, how will you know if you succeeded or on the contrary, you should rethink approaches?

  1. Metrics and monitoring

Let’s put ourselves on the stage that you have already accomplished all the previous points. Your pitch was received by all the media you chose. Now it only remains to be patient for a decent period of time and proceed to make a follow-up contact – always with a cordial but concise tone – to make it clear that your brand is worth attention.

This can end in two scenarios: One where you will have to try again and another where the media has already scheduled the clippings, the notes, or the favorable post. To find out, set your measurement tools to continually analyze the media coverage on the brand.

What to do next?

  1. Enjoy the victory

The hardest part is over. You have won the grand prize and now can share the news with the marketing department, who should start replicating it to the target audience and strategic personalities.

  1. Conclusion

At Media Coverage we hope that this guide encourages you from this moment on to bet on media mentioning. We also want to remind you that you have the possibility of consulting or hiring our professional services to finally place your business in the media and forget about the stressing parts.

We have a great team of experts and connections in several of the most important media outlets in the world. Take a look at our marketing packages and contact us for more information.