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How to Get Featured in Engadget

How to Get Featured in Engadget


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Engadget is an online blog focusing on technology news launched in 2004. It operates on a total of 10 blogs, 4 in English language and 6 in different languages and it also includes a weekly Podcast.

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How to Get Featured
in Engadget

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Engadget Journalists

Alvarez, Edgar
Baldwin, Roberto
Blue, Violet
Bouman, Amber
Brian, Matt
Castricum, Tom
Chan, Ka Chun
Conditt, Jessica
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, Sean
Dalton, Andrew
del Corral, Jose
Dent, Steve
Desmond, Ned
Drawbaugh, Ben

Fingas, Jon
Fisher, Christine
Gilbert, Ben
Gorman, Michael
Guerrero, Alexandra
Hardawar, Devindra
Holt, Kris
Ingraham, Nathan
Ip, Chris
Kristiansen, Olivia
Lai, Richard
Lambert, Joanna
Lawler, Richard
Lee, Nicole
LeFebvre, Rob

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Top 5 articles ranked by engagements

1) NASA fixes Hubble gyroscope by turning it off and on again

Total Engagements: 101.1K

2) LG G7 ThinQ hands-on: The loudest, brightest smartphone yet

Total Engagements:85.5K

3) LG’s SnowWhite is like a Keurig for ice cream

Total Engagements:84.6K

4) UPS has new electric trucks that look straight out of a Pixar movie

Total Engagements:56.2K

5) Japan’s moon rover will be made by Toyota

Total Engagements:54.9K

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Direct contact of Engadget journalists

Editor NamePositionEmail Contact
Sean CooperContributing
Steve DentContributing
Jon FingasAssociate
Mariella MoonContributing
Richard LawlerSenior HD
Phillip PalermoCopy
Andrew TarantolaAssociate
Jon TuriAssociate
Billy SteeleAssociate
Christopher TroutExecutive
Nick SummersAssociate
Timothy J. SeppalaAssociate

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Pitch your story to Engadget reporters

Owned Media

This side of the industry covers channels such as a website, a blog, a YouTube channel and any of your own social media platforms. Basically, everywhere where you can control the content that our audience sees.

Earned Media

This refers to media where you have no control over the content, something that is shared about your brand. It’s the place where your audience is talking about your brand, not you. It can be something like a featured publication in an important news source like Engadget. This type of coverage can be one of the most valuable assets you can gain within the digital marketing and public relations environment since it is from this type of coverage that people start talking about you and your brand. Of course, if it is positive, it’s even better because it will generate brand loyalty.

Creating a story around your brand is the best way to present your article because it is the core of what we do and what everybody should do as communicators of their own products. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t doing it correctly. Companies around the world realize that communication is not a soft science; it is not just a kind of “nice to have” and it can drive the business forward. However, Engadget Engadget platform proves that the solution lies in the intersectional areas whose purpose is to provide value for your brand.


The Engadget’s formula to increase media coverage

This content initiative is becoming increasingly relevant among brands and entrepreneurs because it understands what other media consider an important story. Engadget knows what message the business wants to offer to customers. But how is it carried out? They focus on answering the core question that precedes any PR projects of success – background, channel, and protagonist. This can be stated as follows:

  • What is the core of the news? By understanding this, the Engadget holds a clear idea of what people are looking for from the stories they consume. In this way, they are nourished by concepts they can use in their articles.
  • How to bring the story to them? It can be through a press release backed by Google data, appealing to the public’s individual interests or relating it to a trending topic.
  • What to quote or cover in the article? As we have said before, there must be a central figure (the brand) to which dedicate the content and provide the relevant statements.

The platform uses as much information as it can get to build the news, as it is easier to enter other journalist’s head as well as the overall audience. And therefore, better understand what it is that may interest them in the future – configuring the content plan around that result.

One of the most exciting aspects of how Engadget spreads content is that, after having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, they noticed the most common thing in brands and companies is that they can’t tell how unique and exciting their brand’s rise story has been.

However, this is the part that interests the media the most. So, researching corporate experience or that of their clients can be very productive. For your part, as an entrepreneur, spending time talking with clients or reviewing your own experience will help them develop a compelling story about it.


Coverage 4.0

The old corporate style of communication (issuing boring brochures or corporate speeches) is ineffective. It just doesn’t work anymore, because there is too much competition, too many points of sale and too many distribution channels.

I only mentioned some of them: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, all the social networks that are creating a flood of content that reaches people and authority portals. Its content, to be able to compete with these, must be more interesting, more “necessary to know about” and more fun and entertaining than ever.

Link building is an essential part of SEO; Creating links helps your site increase authority and, if it has no authority, it doesn’t have ranges. Therefore, acquiring a more significant number of authority links will increase your influence and, as you gain power, you will also gain interaction in the search results.

On the other hand, by getting backlinks to your sites, many people rely on reaching other site owners through their social pages or via email. However, the best links you can get from your site are through media coverage.


Return on Investment – From the online to the tangible

Traditional experience has already told us that it is possible to prepare an economic impact report, even if it is approximate. Thus, you can know what value the space that the media has dedicated to you has. This varies according to the scope of the medium, format, and quality of the appearance. It may seem very complicated but, in reality, it is as simple as knowing the media advertising rates (which are based on the number of readers, listeners, and followers they have) and calculating the correspondence of the platform they have dedicated to you.

In this case, it is important to remember that the value perceived by a piece of information is much higher than that of an advertisement (the average is triple, but it can even reach five times its value). Resorting to a journalist or influencer to speak on behalf of your brand without a fee is priceless because, in addition to visibility, it gives you something you do not buy: reputation and prestige.

That is why Engadget is so relevant to this day. Its dynamic is born of disruption, an analysis of the return on your investment is carried organically. In fact, we can even state that its objective is to demystify the primary resources of strategic communication and make them accessible for brands and rising professionals, as is your case.  The company already did it by demonstrating how something as necessary (and unrepresented) as a coverage 4.0 is done. Now is your chance to contact them, add them to your marketing strategy and launch your product.

Link building is an essential part of SEO; building links help your site to boost authority and if you have no authority, you have no ranks. So acquiring larger amounts of authority links is going to boost your authority and, as you gain authority, you also gain interaction in search results.
In getting backlinks to their sites, many people rely on outreaching other site owners through their social pages or via email. However, the best links you can get from your site are through media coverage. That’s why we have listed below some of the top contacts of BuzzFeed; contact them now and pitch your product!