Written by Luis Johnson

How to Get Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in One Week

Entrepreneur Magazine

According to the stats they provide, a feature in Entrepreneur – in their digital and mobile version – reaches 14MM unique visitors per month, 86MM monthly page views, and over 14MM social followers.


Before digging further on how to get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, I assume you already know what a feature is. Specifically, this post assumes you know how this differs from the other placement types you can get in large editorials such as mentions, press releases, or backlinks. If you’re not sure about what a feature is, I suggest you read my previous post – how to get a link in Forbes – where I have explained in details the difference among placements.

That said, on here I’m discussing how to get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine IN ONE WEEK.

Table of contents

  1. When pitching is not working
  2. Get a sponsored feature
  3. Get an organic feature

1. When pitching is not working


I’m quite sure this is not the first post you read related to getting a placement in Entrepreneur. So, if you read other posts on this matter, you surely have noticed that information go over and over around the same topic. Such as using high quality of contents, using HARO, pitch Entrepreneur Magazine journalists on Twitter, etc.

There is an indisputable fact that applies to digital marketing – but more in general to any business – in a market with limited resources (where the law of the demand-offer gives the limitation). If everybody applies the same techniques to achieve the same result, these techniques won’t longer bring to that result.

We all want to get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine because this is a very limited resource and as such, give us credibility and authority. Everybody looking for this type of placements is –  on a different scale using Twitter or HARO to outreach journalists. Would you think that would still work then?

These “strategies” for getting placements in large publications is the same information I heard before I started my own PR company GoodNoon. I remember myself writing lots of quality articles on blogs that nobody would read,  lots of articles distributed in HARO, hundreds of pitches on Twitter. By the time someone showed interest, our startup model already changed and/or we were working on something already different that was pitched to them. Also, if I think about all the time spent on writing and pitching this material, instead of working on other parts of our business model, was it worth?

What I’d like to focus on here instead is how to get a feature FAST, possibly only in one day.

2. Sponsored Features


The difference between sponsored and organic features is crucial when it comes to PR placements. For many sponsored features are some banner ad or AdWords-like advertisement solution; however, this is not the case.  A branded content – also called sponsor article – in Entrepreneur has a very similar look to a standard post published in other sections of the site. The Spotlight program – the native ad solution – is a great way to get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in lows different very short time (possibly even a week).

The Spotlight tag, shown to all sponsored contents is little visible, hence leaving to the article all the authority and credibility that a feature in has typically.


Spotlight allows different types of formats, articlesvideoinfographicswebinarsspecial reports, and podcast. The prices of Spotlight is costly with semestral costs over $70k, PR agencies often buy these packages reselling the single placements. That could be a cheaper way to get featured in on a smaller price without the need for you to purchase semi-annual subscriptions.

3. Get an organic feature

Organic placements, also called natural or earned media are “any coverage on platforms that you don’t own and you’re not paying for.

This is what was used to be called public relations but has morphed into so much more with all of the digital platforms at our disposal today.

Earned media allows you to get in front of a new audience. But this time you don’t have to pay for it”.

Organic features are typically acquired through outreach strategies such as email marketing, Twitter, and Linkedin messages. Although a few people succeed with it, it is unlikely that a journalist – that receive hundreds of messages weekly – would even have the opportunity to read these messages.

PR agencies can help businesses offering organic placements in Entrepreneur and other top outlets, charging high fees for unknown results. That is because in GoodNoon, we have developed a business model that allows all types of company – including small and medium-size ones – to get organic placements in Entrepreneur at reasonable costs. We use a pay-per-results formula, where businesses pay only if we manage getting them featured in Entrepreneur.