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How to Get Featured in Business Insider

Featured in Business Insider

Build media relations for your company with Business Insider

These days, everybody is talking about media relationships and influencers. And it’s for a good reason that every business owner wants to build relationships with the media in order to reach as many influencers as possible. Indeed what they want is to have influencers talk about that specific product or service to other people. An influencer is someone who influences other people, in many cases online; he/she is normally somebody with a blog or with a large social media following. It’s really anybody who has the power, the authority and the social status to get other people to listen to what they have to say. The best way to get an influencer on your side is through media coverage. Media gives added credibility to your story and brand, making easier for other people (including influencers) to believe, too. 

Business Insider editors and reporters contact list
Editor NamePositionEmail Contact
Biz Carson
Ryan Bushey
Lisa Eadicicco
Julie BortEditor, Enterprise
James CookUK Tech
Jillian D’OnfroTech
Drake BaerIdeas
Emily Cohn
Jim Edwards
Michael KelleySenior News
Pascal-Emmanuel GobrySenior Research
Cale Guthrie WeissmanMobile + IOT
Richard FeloniReporter, Business
Antonia Farzan
Lucy England
Leanna GarfieldIntern, food, identity, and
Molly MulshineSenior Editor, digital
Karyne LevyWest Coast
Alexei OreskovicTech
Eugene Kim
Hayley PetersonRetail
Steve KovachSenior Tech
Caroline MossTech
Rob PriceUK Technology
Jonathan MarinoSenior Finance
Lara O’ReillyGlobal Advertising
Kevin Loria
Nathan McAloneTech
Jennifer PollandSenior Editor, Travel, Lists and
Lydia RamseyReporter, pharmaceutical and biotech
Portia CroweStaff
Rob Wile
Tech Editors
Madeline Stone
Alyson ShontellDeputy Editor, technology, science, and entertainment
Dave SmithSenior Tech
Jay YarowSAI Senior
Steven Tweedie
Dina SpectorLondon/UK
Matt WeinbergerReporter,
Kate TaylorStaff
Cooper SmithSenior
Matt RosoffEditor, Tech
Cadie ThompsonEmerging Tech Editor,
Max Slater-Robinseditorial
Sarah SchmalbruchTravel
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While reaching out to journalists for acquiring media coverage, there are some essential rules for creating lasting relationships that could be incredibly powerful for your business:

Dating etiquette applies
When you’re reaching out to editors or really anybody that you want to build a relationship with, you cannot go for the gold the first time you contact them. Don’t try to pitch them, don’t try to sell them, don’t try to make them do stuff for you, because they will not want to be your friend. Instead, be engaging and be engaged; answering questions and asking questions provides value. Be interested in being a good listener; that’s a great first step.

Do your homework
The more you can learn about an editor, the more you can stand to make a good impression on them. How do they like to be contacted? Do they like comments on their blog? Or do they not really get to the comments section on their blog very often? Do they like to hear from you via email or via social media? Some people love to use Twitter so, if they do, contact them on Twitter. Use the platform they like the most. Also, if you subscribe to someone’s email list, you might start to understand what they like or want they want you to comment on. Do they want you to just respond to their emails? Whatever is that they’re asking for, just giving it to them is a great start.

The first thing I must stress is that you don’t just rush into PR where you’re like “hey I’ve got this product, can you write about it?” PR should be a part of your business plan; you have to do your research as in any other element of the business plan. You can successfully pitch your story to a journalist and come up with some strong news angles. However, it is really important to know what journalists are after when picking up stories that are mentioned in their articles.